14 amazing gifts to help you celebrate Aromantic Awareness Week

You can celebrate Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week with some amazing gifts.

This week (February 19-25) marks Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week which aims to inform others about aromantic spectrum identities.

Aromanticism is an orientation that describes people whose experience of romance is disconnected from societal expectations.

This is often due to aromantics experiencing little to no romantic attraction, or sometimes feeling repulsed by, or uninterested in romantic relationships.

It typically takes place after Valentine’s Day as way for those in the community who have difficulties to find a space for themselves on that global day, to come together and celebrate their own unique experiences.

The week was first recognized from in November 2014, under the name Aromantic Awareness Week and in 2015, it was moved to late February, as Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week to be more inclusive of all arospec identities.

If you identify as aromantic and want to celebrate that by flying the flag with pride, which is typically green, white, grey and black then you can get some amazing merch featuring the flag colours.

From t-shirts to phone cases and pins to jewellery there’s loads of different aromantic-themed products to choose from. You can find some of them below.

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Aromantic pride flag t-shirts
You can get unique t-shirt designs featuring the aromantic flag colours.

There’s plenty of fun and unique t-shirts you can get featuring the colours of the aromantic flag. This includes a t-shirt that reads: “Don’t ask why I’m single, I won’t ask how you’re not”, from an independent seller on Etsy.

Others include a cute design with a black cat sitting on top of an aromantic moon, and a t-shirt featuring green, white, grey and black arrows across the front, which are both from Redbubble.

Aromantic pride flag phone cases
Aromantic pride-themed phone cases.

You can get some aromantic flag-themed phone cases so you can rep your pride all the time. This includes a paint splash effect and a water colour design. They’re available to shop at the PinkNews shop.

Other designs from the store include a paint pot, retro and proud at heart graphics, all featuring the aromantic pride flag colours.

Aromantic pride flag rings
A ring set featuring the aromantic flag colours.

If you or someone in your life identifies as aromantic, then you can gift them one of these unique rings, featuring the colours of the flag.

There’s three to choose from and the handmade rings have been designed by an independent artist on Etsy. They’re priced at £20.90 and are a popular choice on the website, with more than 1,600 five-star reviews.

Aromantic pride flag mug
An aromantic pride mug.

This coffee mug features a landscape design in the colours of the aromantic pride flag. The artist says “start your day off right with this mug”, whether it’s at home or in the office with your choice of morning brew.

The mug is available to shop at Etsy.

Aromantic pride flag bracelet
An aromantic pride flag bracelet or anklet.

Another jewellery piece you can get featuring the aromantic pride flag colours is this knot bracelet which intertwines the green, white, grey and black colours of the flag.

This can be worn as a bracelet or anklet and is the perfect way to rep your pride all-year round. It also won’t break the bank as it’s priced at £6.50 and from Etsy.

Aromantic pride flag pin
An enamel pin badge of test tubes in the aromantic pride flag.

This is another unique gift featuring the aromantic pride flag colours. It’s an enamel pin badge as test tubes that would make a great edition to a denim jacket, backpack and more so you can always rep the flag colours.

One five-star reviewer said: “Perfect in every way! A lovely addition to my lanyard!”. You can shop it for yourself at Etsy.

Other pins – pictured at the top – you can get include a crystal and a cat and moon pin as a pair, or individually. A rainbow pin or a classic aromantic pride flag pin, which are all available on Etsy by independent and queer artists.

Aromantic pride flag lanyard
A lanyard in the aromantic flag colours.

You can also attach your pins to a lanyard that features the aromantic pride flag colours. This subtle lanyard is perfect for work so you can rep your identity every day.

It’s created by a queer, independent artist on Etsy and is currently priced at less than £5 on the website.

Plus you can pair the lanyard with some matching shoelaces to make your footwear a little more unique and a little more you.

The aromantic flag shoelaces are priced at £8.99 on Etsy, or you can get them with a matching lace lock, in the form of a mini pride flag.

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