Jennifer Lawrence fans hail the return of ‘Mother’ in raunchy trailer for No Hard Feelings

Jennifer Lawrence is making a return to the big screen in raunchy new romcom No Hard Feelings – and fans are hyped by the return of ‘dumb, horny comedies.’

No Hard Feelings follows out-of-work Uber driver Maddie (Lawrence), who answers a Craigslist advert to date 19-year-old animal shelter volunteer Percy (Andrew Barth Feldman) before he heads off to college.

It sounds simple enough – but when she meets with Percy’s helicopter parents, she soon learns that he’s completely “unf**kable”.

The hilarious trailer shows Lawrence flexing her comedic muscles as ‘ne’er-do-well’ Maddie as she goes all-out to try and help the socially awkward teenager lose his virginity. Cue skinny dipping, requests to touch his “wiener” (just a dog at the shelter) and one chaotic scene in which a perceived kidnapping leads to her getting pepper sprayed in the face.

Also in the trailer is a buff man in some tight briefs. Range.

“We’ve just been so worried about our son, we want you to get to know him. Don’t just date him,” says Percy’s mum (Laura Benanti), while Percy’s father (Matthew Broderick) adds: “But also date him… date him hard.”

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“I’ll date his brains out,” assures Maddie.

Judging by fan reactions, J-Law fans can’t wait for the release of No Hard Feelings this summer, with plenty of Twitter praise for the revival of the “mid-budget star-driven romcom.”

“I really hope we’re entering an “Oscar winners doing dumb, horny comedies” period. We’re due,” one fan wrote, referencing Lawrence’s Academy Award win for 2013’s drama Silver Linings Playbook.

“This is the kind of movie where u will forget about everything and just have fun for 2 hours. I needed these kind of movies,” added another.

“Oh this is what the world needs rn REAL ROMCOM,” a third said.

Other fans have rejoiced at the ‘return’ of Oscar-winning Lawrence, who scaled back the amount of acting projects she has starred in after dominating the box office as Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games quadrilogy and Mystique in the X-Men franchise.

“Mother back in acting,” wrote one Twitter user, while another added: “Oh so NOW everyone is back to being a Jennifer Lawrence fan??”

No Hard Feelings is scheduled to be released in the US on 23 June 2023.

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