Midnights, medleys and drag queen cameos: 13 things we want to see on Taylor Swift’s Eras tour

An image featuring Taylor Swift singing, drag queen Jinkx Monsoon, singer Rihanna and the M3GAN doll in the background.

It’s been five years, four original albums, and two re-releases since Taylor Swift last hit the road. This week, all that changes. The Eras Tour is upon us.

In anticipation for the music event of the millennium, here’s a round-up of everything we need to see. From setlist choices to sequined outfits, mashups to a M3GAN doll cameo, this is the recipe for a truly flawless Taylor Swift concert.

Justice for Evermore, to be honest

Taylor’s 2019 song “I Forgot That You Existed” was actually a forethought about her 2020 album Evermore because, despite it being a certified fan favourite, Taylor herself has hardly ever acknowledged it.

Out of all the songs on the rumoured setlist, not one of them is from Evermore

Taylor. Please. Look at the material: “Gold Rush”, “Tolerate It”, “Champagne Problems”. Any of those would be lovely, thanks. 

A collaboration with Hayley Williams and HAIM, obviously

In support of new and upcoming bands, Taylor has recruited Paramore and Haim to join her as the support acts on The Eras Tour (though Paramore is for one night only).

You may like to watch

That means two things. Firstly, a collaboration between Taylor and Hayley Williams, as hearing Hayley sing the Bon Iver part on “Exile” is frankly a need, not a want.

Secondly, a mash-up of “Gasoline” and “No Body, No Crime” performed by Taylor and HAIM, every night that they’re together. Look, if Taylor can mercilessly drag Charli XCX and Camila Cabello on stage to sing “Shake It Off” every night during the Reputation Tour, she can do it again now.

She’ll also be joined by an abundance of queer talent as support acts, in the form of Phoebe Bridgers (“Nothing New” performance incoming), MUNA, and girl in red. It’s giving pride parade.

Taylor Swift and Hayley Williams smiling at the camera and put their thumbs up.
Gonna need these two on stage together ASAP. (Getty/Rick Diamond)

The 10-minute version of ‘All Too Well’

As a frequent attendee of the Taylor Swift-themed club night Swiftogedden, I know there is nothing better than a room full of people screaming the lyrics to “All Too Well” for ten minutes straight. Except, perhaps, an arena full of people.

Bring on the special guests

One of the most thrilling aspects of Taylor’s tours is when she brings out a different special guest each night.

Rumours are already flying around about artists including Billie Eillish and Olivia Rodrigo joining her at some point, and she’s already got half the music industry opening for her. 

That said, we’d love to see Lana Del Rey (so she can finally have a go at singing that second “Snow on the Beach” verse), Miley Cyrus (so we can see them perform this insane “Flowers” remix) and Rihanna (because I’m angry that we’ve never seen her perform the Taylor-penned “This Is What You Came For” live).

A bit of love for the album tracks

The big singles, from “Blank Space” to “Anti-Hero”, will undoubtedly make the setlist, and that’s absolutely fine. But considering the absolute furore to get tickets, which led to Taylor’s fans literally suing Ticketmaster, it’s fair to say that those in attendance will know the album tracks, too.

Taylor’s very best songs are simply not her singles; her deep cuts are almost always far superior. Think “August”, “Dear John”, “Daylight” and “Clean”.

If the are rumours are right though, this wish might just come true.

Long live the trend of putting songs like “Long Live” on the setlist.

Cameos from the RuPaul’s Drag Race queens 

We all know Taylor loves a drag queen; her “You Need To Calm Down” video proved that. It makes sense to invite a couple out at each city stop to perform a half-time Taylor Swift lip sync battle, right?

Latrice Royale vs. Roxxxy Andrews when she’s in Florida, Alyssa Edwards vs. Shangela when she’s in Texas, Jinkx Monsoon literally whenever, and so on. A treat for the gays, you know?

Great gowns, beautiful gowns

Right, maybe great gowns, beautiful gowns aren’t appropriate for a high-energy arena tour. But there was not a lot going on with the Midnights aesthetic in terms of Taylor’s looks, so here’s hoping that The Eras Tour can deliver the goods.

More flip sequins for the Lover section, a bit of plaid for Evermore, and a comfy cardigan for Folklore, why not.

Medleys and mashups

The course of my life changed fundamentally after witnessing the “Bad Blood”/”Should’ve Said No” mashup during the Reputation Tour on Friday 22 June 2018. 

Similarly, watching the “Enchanted/Wildest Dreams” medley from The 1989 World Tour (on YouTube, boo) was pretty special too.

Our Taylor knows how to pull together a decent mashup, so I’m expecting the very best from The Eras Tour. Perhaps “I Did Something Bad” mixed with “Karma”, or “Story of Us” blended with “long story short”? Shaking at the mere thought.

Don’t forget Midnights

It’s The Eras Tour, so we know Taylor will perform songs from every single album. Hopefully that doesn’t mean relegating her latest offering Midnights to the sidelines by just performing “Anti-Hero” and “Bejeweled”.

Thankfully, sleuths think they’ve heard her soundchecking “Mastermind”, Karma” and “Midnight Rain” already, while some creative fans have made insane live versions of songs like “Maroon”.


maroon in taylor swift – the eras tour (concept) added effects : • crowd sounds added and used sound : • @Superficial Party ‘s maroon bridge for live concept • emo veej’s on yt, maroon rock version for the eras tour concept #taylorswift #swifttok #swiftie #taylornation #ts10 #tsmidnights #theerastour #theerastourtaylorswift #midnights #maroontaylorswift #taylorswiftmaroon

♬ Maroon – Taylor Swift

One new ‘from the vault’ track, please

Swifties are patiently waiting for the next ‘Taylor’s Version’ to drop, with many speculating that it will either be 1989 or Speak Now. In the meantime, if she could do a surprise performance of a brand new ‘from the vault’ track, that would be appreciated.

Or an existing ‘from the vault’ track, at least

A debut performance of “Message In A Bottle” would work nicely, cheers.

A handful of celebrity interludes

Fans loved when comedian Tiffany Haddish appeared in a clip during The Reputation Tour to read out the “Taylor Swift can’t come to the phone right now…” line.

Imagine a similar premise, but with Penn Badgely as Taylor Swift stan Joe Goldberg saying “It’s me, I’m the problem, it’s me,” or the M3GAN dolls appearing for a cute dance rendition of “It’s Nice To Have A Friend”.

Laith Ashley, Viola Davis, Sadie Sink… the list of Taylor’s pals who could make a VT cameo is endless.

A crumb of international tour dates, we beg

For all of the Swifties living outside of the North Western hemisphere, the build-up to The Eras Tour has been bittersweet. We’re all gagging to see what Taylor will perform, what she’ll wear, and how she’ll set the stage up. But the jealousy is seeping in, too.

Now we know there’s no Rihanna tour coming and all of the Madonna and Beyoncé tickets have flown off the shelves, everyone’s focused on bagging a Taylor ticket.

Plus, I’d love to book a holiday without the stress of wondering whether it’ll coincide with her UK dates.

There we have it. This is the perfect Taylor Swift concert, and we are so… ready for it.

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