Taylor Swift drops Lana Del Rey collab – but there’s one big problem

Lana Del Rey and Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift and Lana Del Rey’s collaboration “Snow on the Beach” isn’t exactly hitting like fans thought it would.

Cryptic mastermind and singer Taylor Swift previously announced that “Snow on the Beach” from new album Midnights features Lana Del Rey.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of crimes – before we realised the extent of Lana’s involvement.

After the album dropped, Swifties are fuming that the ‘feature’ – which many had assumed would be at least a solo verse – amounts to little more than backing vocals.

Midnights was released Friday (21 October) and has scored high critical acclaim and garnered the reaction you’d expect from dedicated fans.

If there’s one thing Miss Taylor Allison Swift can do, it’s evoke strong emotions in the hearts and minds of her listeners.

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“My Tears Ricochet” from Folklore? Devastating sadness. “We Are Never Getting Back Together” from Red? Tongue-in-cheek happiness and joy.

“Snow on the Beach”? Pure, unfiltered, unbridled rage.

The fact that Lana Del Rey’s contribution amounts to whispering over parts of the chorus (obviously whispering very tunefully, but whispering nonetheless) has inspired fury and memes alike.

Following the release of Midnights, Swift also released Midnights (The 3am Version) with seven extra songs. Does she not sleep?

The album also crashed Spotify when it was released because – say it with us – Taylor Swift is the music industry.

The music video for “Anti-Hero” is released today at 1pm, so buckle up and get those headphones out.

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