Camila Cabello can’t live without these makeup products – and they’re less than £10

Camila Cabello has revealed the two makeup products she can't live without.

Camila Cabello has revealed two of her favourite makeup products – and they’re both less than £10.

The singer spoke to NYLON magazine about her favourite beauty trends, including the Y2K aesthetic as well as her go-to products.

When asked which makeup products she can’t live without, the singer name checked two from L’Oréal Paris.

They were the Voluminous Mascara and the brand’s Colour Riche Satin lipsticks, which are both priced under £10.

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The Voluminous Mascara is priced at £9.99 from Boots and is “designed to make your lashes look visibly thicker, longer and yet still natural looking”.

While the lipstick is available in a number of different shades including Nude, Blush Fever and Magnetic Coral and is priced at £7.99 from Boots.

In the interview with NYLON she discusses her relationship with makeup, saying: “Lately, because I’ve been working so much, on my days off I just don’t want to wear any makeup.”

She says “it’s a form of play” because she likes to find “something that’s cohesive with what I’m wearing and trying to create something that’s aesthetically cool or that I haven’t done before.”

Cabello also talks about her favourite Y2K beauty trend noting pink lip gloss, sparkly, shimmery, silver-purple eyeshadow, and little butterfly clips.

She adds: “My birthday party this year was actually 2000s themed. It’s [Y2K] so fun and flirty.”

Camila Cabello talks skincare routine

Last year the singer discussed her skincare routine in a video for Vogue.

The singer said how she suffered with acne when she was younger and opted for laser treatments and a careful at-home regiment.

In the clip she says: “When I was younger I was in a girl group, and we started doing a mall tour, and I have a bout of really bad acne, and I was always anxious when people would be so close to me and taking pictures because I didn’t want people to see.”

“I think ever since then I really prioritise skin care,” she said.

She uses the Osea Advanced Protection Cream, which means she doesn’t have to exfoliate, saying: “Just keeping my skin moisturised actually really helps a lot.”

Another Osea product she highlights is the Eye Gel Serum, which targets fine lines and dark under eyes.

She revealed: “To me, moisturiser and serum have two totally different textures. I love the texture of serums.”

The L’Oréal Paris Acid Revitalift Filler Serum boosts the skin’s radiancy and is priced just under £40 on Amazon.

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