Jinkx Monsoon’s epic takedown of ‘asinine’ lawmakers pushing drag bans is a joy to behold

Drag Race legend Jinkx Monsoon has once again spoken out against anti-drag bans sweeping through America.

Appearing on ABC News, Jinkx Monsoon reaffirmed her objections to the draconian bills recently passed in Tennessee that ban drag performers in public places, which arrive in the midst of rising anti-LGBTQ+ sentiments across America.

When asked her response to conservative activists and politicians who imply that drag contributes to the sexualisation and grooming of children, the Drag Race icon delivered a word-perfect rebuke.

“It’s hypocritical to say the least,” answered Monsoon. “There’s so many things that I think are much more unsavoury for children to be witnessing; but because they’re heteronormative, or because they are adhering to gender norms, they get overlooked.

“Right now, we’re looking at drag and how it affects children, as though all drag takes place in front of children. We’re adult human beings capable of knowing what not to put in front of children. We make drag appropriate for kids, if kids are going to be there. And if kids shouldn’t be there, we make it known as well.”

Monsoon, who is currently starring in a recently extended run as Mama Morton in Chicago on Broadway in New York, then argued that the “asinine” people who are demonising drag usually have very little idea as to what the art form actually entails.

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When asked about her “battle-back” plan, Monsoon went on the say that her current routine, particularly her role in Chicago, is “the best antidote” to hatred.

“I create art, which talks about [the hatred],” she continued. “I get on stage and perform to show that what I love to do, is just get on stage and entertain folks. It’s nothing different from any other artists, I just happen to do it in drag, a little bit more fabulously than some artists.”

Monsoon’s interview took a characteristically chaotic turn when she slipped out of her chair while explaining that her appearance in Chicago shows she’s “just a person, with talents, who likes to be onstage.

Elsewhere in the interview, Monsoon revealed that for her Everything at Stake tour – a direct response to the rising tide of anti-LGBTQ+ sentiment – she is “implementing more safety than we normally would for a tour” to keep the audience safe.

“There are people filled with a lot of hate, who have been conditioned by people like the conservative right [wing], who prey upon this hatred and fear, and use it to manipulate our minds,” she explained. “This is not new to us, but if we’re going to 44 cities… we want to make sure our audience is safe every step of the way.”

She also expressed her fears for 2024’s upcoming presidential race.

“We’re at this point in history where we’re just askinf for fair and equal treatment… this isn’t a question of conservative vs. liberal views, it’s a question between right and wrong.”

Monsoon’s words come in the wake of her longtime partner-in-drag-crime BenDeLaCreme, who recently issued some choice words on concerning anti-drag bills, and RuPaul himself, who urged supporters to “get these stunt queens out of office.”

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