‘Gender critical’ men tried to troll trans-inclusive lesbian dating app HER. They failed miserably

A group of so-called gender critical men created accounts a lesbian dating app with the intention of catching out trans women – but failed spectacularly.

Instead of highlighting HER’s trans-inclusive policies, they simply exposed one another’s accounts. 

“Set up an account on HER social app for lesbians run by TRAs,” someone calling himself Richard Kearns, wrote on Twitter. “I have already had likes. This is the s**t real lesbian women are dealing with, men trying to get lesbians to f**k them.” 

Kearns proceeded to share screenshots of different users who he deemed should not be on the inclusive platform, but many of then turned out to be other gender-critical men who’d made accounts for the same reason. 

In the comments, he described the community on HER as a “freak show”. 

One such gender-critical activist Kearns highlighted was Twitter user scepticalPhil, who quote tweeted Kearns’ post and explained he joined HER to “highlight the issue of straight men on these apps”. 

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Twitter users were quick to blast the men’s investigation as “creepy” and “gross”. 

One wrote: “In order to highlight the issue of straight men on these apps, you’re the straight man on this app. You’re the issue.” 

Trans activist Katy Montgomerie said: “They have to make this stuff up because they already believe it’s true, but without lying about it they don’t have any evidence.” 

Another person wrote: “Trying to prove trans people ‘invade’ women’s spaces by… being a cis man invading women’s spaces and finding the other predators doing the same thing.” 

Robyn Exton, HER’s founder and chief executive, told PinkNews said it was “disheartening” to see people invading HER for nefarious means.

She said: “It’s really disheartening to see TERFs attempting to invade the safe space we’ve built at HER. We were designed to empower and connect those who seek refuge from the very prejudices that TERFs perpetuate.

“Hatred may be a powerful fuel for TERFs, but at HER, we’re building something far stronger and more enduring.

“We’re a platform built literally around love, acceptance, and a shared commitment to dismantling oppressive systems.

“Our community is ultimately our greatest strength here – they’ll continue to flag bad actors and bad behaviour, with the full support of our community moderation team based off of these guidelines.”

HER attacked by TERFs

In recent weeks, HER has come under fire from anti-trans bigots for being an app that welcomes trans and non-binary lesbians. 

Bigots temporarily managed to have HER’s Twitter account suspended – it has since been reinstated – but not before the app sent a push notification to all users telling them that if they are transphobic, to delete the app. 

Speaking with PinkNews at the time, Exton, said the onslaught of abuse is nothing new but their team will not back down from defending trans users. 

“We’re certainly not slowing down. I’d say we’re probably doubling down,” Exton said. “As TERFs want to pick up and try and question our position, we’re using this time to make our position exceptionally clear.

“HER has always been a platform for trans women, for non-binary people and anyone who identifies as a woman. It’s kind of absurd that we’re now getting vitriol like this, saying that we’re a lesbian app that is now ‘promoting’ inclusion of trans women. It always has been, since day one.”