GB News host says prince William and Kate will be ‘mobbed by gays’ when they go to Soho

A host on GB News has said the prince and princess of Wales’ visit to a bar in Soho would end with them being “mobbed by gays”.

On Thursday (4 May) Andrew Pierce – who also works for the Daily Mail – and Bev Turner, hosts of the GB News show To the Point, discussed William and Kate’s scheduled visit to the Soho pub Dog and Duck, in the heart of central London.

The visit was to support the work of the hospitality industry, ahead of the coronation of King Charles.

“The Prince and Princess of Wales are going to a pub in Soho, where I know what’s going to happen, they’re going to be mobbed by gays,” Pierce said.

Turner responded: “Apparently to find out, not how the gays will respond to them, but whether the hospitality industry is doing all right at the moment.”

One Twitter user posted the interaction and asked: “How is this allowed to be broadcast?”

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But other other social media users came to Pierce’s defence – and at least one was not someone you’d expect.

Guardian columnist Owen Jones tweeted to his followers: “Can’t believe I’m defending a GB News clip, but Andrew Pierce is a gay man, and lots of gay men jokingly say ‘the gays’.

“There’s enough genuinely horrendous stuff being pumped out by GB News without getting angry about nothing,” added Jones, who is also openly gay.

He added: “Honestly, of all the things to get p**sed off at.”

GB News has been accused of broadcasting anti-LGBTQ+ comments in the past.

When a full version of BBC’s flagship football show Match of the Day (MoTD) was off air, GB News attempted their own version.

Presenter Patrick Christys called MoTD‘s anchor man, and former football star, Gary Lineker “a rabid lefty” and suggested he must “quite like Brighton because it’s full of rainbow flags and woke people”.

The right-wing channel also aired claims that parents who take their children to drag shows have “narcissistic personality disorder”.

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