Kim Petras announces debut album ‘Feed The Beast’, and fans are all saying the same thing

Kim Petras wears a sheer red veil on the red carpet at the 2023 Grammy awards.

Pioneering pop princess and trans icon Kim Petras has announced that her debut album Feed The Beast will arrive on 23 June.

Ever since the German singer-songwriter crash-landed in the music scene with her desperately catchy debut song “I Don’t Want It All” in 2017, Kim Petras’s star has continually been on the rise.

Her singles, including “Coconuts”, “Future Stars Now” and “1, 2, 3 Dayz Up” featuring the late, great SOPHIE, have had LGBTQ+ pop fans clawing at the walls for more.

In the last year, the anticipation for a Kim Petras album has reached new heights,following her historic smash hit “Unholy” with Sam Smith. Earlier this year, the pair became the first trans and non-binary duo to win a Grammy.

Following her Nicki Minaj-featured single “Alone” which dropped last month, fans could practically smell a new album coming. Now, the wait is over, as Feed The Beast will land on streaming platforms everywhere in just over a month.

Petras shared the news via a cryptic social media post, featuring a photo of a silver sword against a towering black rock.

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“The story begins on June 23rd. Feed The Beast. Link in bio,” she wrote in the caption, with the link enabling fans to pre-save the album on streaming services.

The day before the album announcement, Petras shared a trio of grainy, black and white photos of swords, shields and a knight’s helmet, teasing a potentially darker vibe compared to her usual pastel pink, bubblegum pop visuals.

As expected, fans are thrilled about the prospect of new Petras music in the coming weeks, though there is one small fact that has caused a bit of confusion on social media.

“How many debut albums has she released?” one fan posted, asking a question that many seem to have.

While Feed The Beast is Petras’s first official album, the 30-year-old star has previously released at least four collections of songs that many fans count as albums.

In 2018, she released her Halloween-inspired EP Turn Off the Light, Vol. 1, which featured eight tracks all about death and the afterlife. Clarity, which many fans dub as her full-length debut album, dropped in 2019, featuring singles including “All I Do Is Cry” and “Broken”. Petras and her team, though, refer to the album as a “mixtape”.

Plus, there’s ‘compilation album’ Turn Off the Light featuring all songs from Turn Off the Light, Vol. 1 plus nine other tracks, and her NSFW 2022 seven-track EP Slut Pop.

Regardless of whether Feed The Beast is her first or her fifth debut album, there is clearly a lot of excitement in the air.

“There’s no one more excited about this than me,” shared one fan, while another posted: “Kim Petras album actually coming this year, we dreamed of this moment.”

“Wasn’t prepared to fully lose my s**t on a Monday but THE pop girl Kim Petras just announced her new album I am so proud of her,” a third wrote.

Feed The Beast drops on 23 June.