See inside RuPaul’s wild Beverly Hills mansion – with disco room, Emmy cabinet and huge drag closet

RuPaul opens the front door to his huge Beverly Hills mansion.

RuPaul has opened the doors to his Hollywood mansion, proudly showing off his two-room closet, orange kitchen and Emmy Award room.

In an interview with Architectural Digest, the 62-year-old queer icon has provided a tour around his mammoth Beverly Hills palace, giving fans an insight into where he stores his drag, the room in which he “plays dirty charades”, and his disco space – complete with 26 disco balls suspended from the ceiling.

Throughout the tour, RuPaul claimed several rooms as his favourite, including the purpose-built disco room, which features black-and-white portraits of his favourite disco legends, and a table.

“The idea is to have people over for a little nosh, then move the table out of the way and have a day-time disco,” he explained, before breaking into one of numerous laughter fits.

Wandering around the house, which the Drag Race host shares with his husband, rancher Georges LeBar, RuPaul revealed that his favourite colour is orange and that he has a whole room for all his on-screen outfits.

The huge closet features all his gowns, jewellery, shoes and magazine covers, plus a side “glam room” where gets his makeup done for Drag Race.

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Elsewhere, fans were shown the two-bedroom closet his (colour-coded, we should add) suits, shoes, and bags, plus his “breakfast nook”, “dining pavilion” and back garden, complete with swimming pool, whirlpool spa and a metal structure where he practices yoga in the sun.

As RuPaul said: “If you can’t be happy in your own home, how the hell are you gonna be happy anywhere else?”

While the colour orange features prominently throughout the mansion, there’s also plenty of black and white, mismatched pattern, and an abundance of old Hollywood glitz and glamour.

“We live in Hollywood. We live in showbusiness. We’re not afraid of texture and colour and bold statements. This may not be for everybody,” RuPaul admitted. “But it’s perfect for us.”

Fans have a lot of thoughts about how the drag deity lives, with some being very emotional about how much it suits his exuberant personality.

“You guys are not allowed to make fun of me but I genuinely started tearing up watching RuPaul’s Architectural Digest video,” one person wrote on social media. “His home is uniquely fitted just for his style/personality and it’s absolutely gorgeous.”

Another said: “I love when people decorate with their personality in mind. It’s not precisely my taste but I love that his home has such a distinct point of view.”

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