Drag Race legends reveal their favourite season 15 queens and share best advice from Mama Ru

Heidi N Closet, Ra’Jah O’Hara, Krystal Versace and more tell PinkNews the dos and don’ts of appearing on RuPaul’s Drag Race – and who they’re rooting for on season 15.

While at DragCon UK 2023, PinkNews sat down with some of the most legendary Drag Race competitors from across the globe to find out their pearls of wisdom for the queens of season 15. Scroll ahead for their best life lessons…

Heidi N Closet: “Honey! Let me tell you something. Pay your taxes. That’s one from Mama Ru.

“Let me tell you: I’ve been paying taxes. I’ve never had to pay taxes before – I used to get checks. And honestly, just live your life with no regrets. Leave no rock unturned. Live like that.”

Nicky Doll: “Always see Drag Race as an amazing opportunity. It’s kind of like when you’re on a trampoline, and you jump, then you go up in the air. And then you can do all the stuff you want, but you’re gonna come back to Earth.

“So make sure that you have a business plan, make sure you know where you want to go – and convey that to the fans so that they can follow you on this ride.

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“C**ty can be fierce sometimes – that does not mean that it’s always the way to go. Kindness is amazing.”

“If you want to be smart and be fierce for a longer time than others – maybe be kind. Don’t forget that your fans pay your bills.”

Angeria Paris VanMichaels: “Hit the ground running and do not stop. Take this opportunity and this platform and just know – I don’t care what episode you go home – you made it on the show, but that was just the beginning.

“Now after the show goes off, you need to hit the ground running. You need to do every single thing that you want to do, and take every opportunity, say ‘yes’ to everything that you can. Take this moment to make your career the biggest you can.”

Ra’Jah O’Hara: “Enjoy this ride, because it doesn’t last very long. Make every moment count… be professional as hell because that’s how you’re gonna get longevity in this career.

“TV lasts for a minute, your season will last for another minute and then they’ll be on to [season] 16, 17 and then 38, before we know it. So enjoy the ride.

“Make the most money that you can while you can save, be smart with your money. Don’t spend all your money on outfits and drag, because drag is supposed to be personal. So try to do some of it yourself.”

PinkNews also asked the queens at DragCon UK about the contestants to watch on the newest season of RuPaul’s Drag Race – and there was one definitive answer.

Utica: “I love all the queens – but Aura Mayari. I love her. And Sasha Colby.”

Joey Jay: “SASHA COLBYYY! Oh my God, Anetra. Just powerhouses.

“Sasha Colby is, like she said, your favourite drag queens’ favourite drag queens. I’m so excited to see her on screen.”

Kandy Muse: “I am rooting for anyone from New York City.

“Obviously rooting for the icon Sasha Colby. I’m really excited to watch this season – I don’t know any spoilers… Usually when you’re a RuGirl, you tend to know a lot about what happened, but it’s nice to just watch a season.”

Krystal Versace: “I’m excited for Sugar and Spice – that’s an interesting one. I just saw both of them walk into the workroom together, so that’s cool.

“And Sasha Colby. She’s fierce. She could be the next one with the crown. She’s the one to watch, baby.”

You heard it here – and from everyone that’s spoken about Drag Race‘s newest season this far – first.

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