David Tennant once again proves he’s a huge LGBTQ+ ally with heartfelt Pride message

David Tennant wears a blue suit and black shirt while smiling at the camera.

Queer ally and Doctor Who legend David Tennant has shared an emotional message for Pride Month, encouraging people to “fight” for LGBTQ+ acceptance.

The actor has proved himself as a staunch queer ally over the years. Back in the early days of his career, friends of friends used to think he might be gay. Questioned once about whether the speculation bothered him, he responded: “Why would it?”

In 2012, he teamed up with charity Diversity Role Models to tackle homophobic bullying, highlighting the importance of LGBTQ+ visibility in “breaking down the stereotypes and prejudice that lead to bullying”.

In recent months, he’s been spotted during several TV appearances wearing a rainbow-shaped badge featuring the colours of the non-binary Pride flag, in support of one of his children who is reportedly non-binary

Plus, he’s never afraid to shout “gay rights!” at a camera. That’s an ally right there.

In potentially his most explicit show of support to date, the Good Omens star, 52, has revealed why he is so delighted to see Pride Month celebrated widely, and urged people not to give up on the battle for LGBTQ+ acceptance.

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Speaking on the Reasons To Be Cheerful podcast, which is hosted by British Labour politician Ed Miliband and radio presenter Geoff Lloyd, David Tennant called for people to “be fighting that fight” for acceptance “every day”.

“Do you know what’s making me cheerful at the moment? It’s Pride month,” he told the podcast. “The fact that Pride Month is existing and is flourishing and is something that’s happening at a time when the world seems to be getting in some corners worryingly intolerant and weirdly backward.”

Despite it being Pride month, queer people globally are enduring one of the most fearful times in recent history. Across the US, anti-trans and anti-drag laws are being pushed by Republicans, while politicians in the UK seem intent on forcing LGBTQ+ people into the centre of the so-called “culture war”.

“We can’t take our foot off the gas. We can’t expect that we will always travel in the right direction towards acceptance. We’ve all got to be fighting that fight every day,” Tennant continued.

He also spoke about how LGBTQ+ people are being celebrated more in some ways today than when he was young, and how such progress gives him hope when it comes to his own children being accepted.

“When I was at school, calling somebody gay was like the worst thing you could be called on the playground and now we celebrate it. It makes me a little bit emotional,” he said, appearing to choke up.

“It just gives people a chance to be seen and celebrated. You want your children to grow up in a world that is kind … you want your children to be accepted for whoever they are, whatever they want to be.

“They should be allowed to be whoever they want to be. Everyone else just needs to butt out.”

Last week, Tennant’s wife, actress Georgia Tennant, shared her own brief message of support via Instagram. She posted an image of the progress Pride flag, along with the message: “Got your back, always. #HappyPrideMonth.”

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