Miriam Margolyes reveals her favourite skincare product in hilarious clip

Miriam Margolyes says "every girl needs" this skincare product.

Miriam Margolyes has revealed one of her favourite skincare products that “every girl needs”.

The actor took part in British Vogue’s In the Bag web series, t which features stars showing viewers the contents of their bags from skincare favourites to the bizarre.

Previously the likes of Miley Cyrus, Charli XCX, Halle Bailey and Yasmin Finney have featured in the series, and this time its Miriam Margolyes’ turn.

Margolyes picks up a pot of Nivea Crème and says: “Oh yes… every girl needs that. A pot of Nivea.”

She explains why in the most Miriam way, saying it’s “to moisten areas which get dry and I’ll leave it to you to work out which they are”.

The cheap skincare product is perfect for hands, body and face – or wherever you may want to use it – and it’s priced at £4.95 on Amazon.

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The Nivea cream isn’t the only thing that’s revealed to be inside her bag during the episode.

She has a copy of her memoir, This Much Is True in her bag, which she says features “naughty tales of the people I’ve slept with and the people I haven’t slept with”.

She then reveals a bag inside of her bag, which has a “secret department where you can put condoms or whatever you want”.

The second bag includes everything from a blue napkin that she stole from an airline to reading glasses and a spare pair of knickers – that are “clean of course”.

The actor tells viewers that they “cover everything” as she’s “not very good at holding onto my water”.

Miriam Margolyes reveals the contents of her bag in a British Vogue series. (YouTube)

Another unusual, but not surprising, item in her second bag is an onion.

“I always carry an onion, because I love them, I actually had a bit this morning,” before biting down on it.

Typically on the In the Bag series, stars show viewers their favourite beauty products and a quick look into their daily routine.

Margolyes says: “I was told that Vogue would be interested in my beauty habits… I don’t have any beauty habits, I have tweezers.”

She finishes up the clip showing her go-to scent, a Jo Malone perfume, which is lime, mandarin and basil, adding she likes to “smell fresh – but I don’t always”.

And her AirPods, or as she calls them, “airbuds” adding she likes “proper piano music” like Beethoven and Mozart but “can’t stand ABBA”.

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