This game-changing sex blanket will make life easier for squirters – and save your sheets

The Squirt Blanket has been called a game changer.

A game-changing sex blanket is here to help make life easier for the biggest squirters around.

The aptly nicknamed Squirt Blanket by fans of it will save you from using towels, bedsheets, t-shirts or whatever else you use post-climax.

Although it may look like an ordinary fleece throw, the 100 percent waterproof blanket is heavy-duty enough for the biggest squirters and ejaculators.

Designed by Yoni Pleasure Palace, the viral blankets are available to shop exclusively at

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It was created by the founder, Rosie Rees, to protect bed linen and help avoid washing the sheets every time after sex.

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She had the idea in 2019 after entering a relationship with a woman and “her partner started experiencing female ejaculation on a regular basis”.

She invented the sex blanket for people with vaginas who also experience squirting and have to wash sheets and towels regularly.

Rees says it’s been a game changer for customers, who feel more comfortable to let go during sex or self pleasure, as there’s no worry about making a mess.

The blanket comes in a range of colours, shapes and sizes.

The soft throws are described as “luxuriously smooth, double-sided, machine washable and totally leak-proof”.

It absorbs and retains up to one litre of liquid, body fluids, lubricants and oils and is easy to throw in the wash after sex.

The waterproof blanket comes in a range of colours, shapes and sizes, with one cozy, fleecy side and one smooth and silky velvety side.

To shop them head to Plus you can use the code EOFY2023 to get 25 percent off the site until 30 June.

Since its original launch, Rees also launched a section on the website for those who want to use the blanket for a non-sexual function.

They protect sheets, bedding, couch covers and more from daily spills, whether its drinks, diffuser oils or your pets.

This is because it has a special waterproof technology integrated in the blanket that captures liquid and prevents it from leaking through.

And they can be cleaned quickly and easily by simply putting them in a cold, gentle machine wash and dry.

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