Labour MP Chris Bryant says he was groped by five male MPs

Labour MP Chris Bryant recalled a homophobic encounter with a still-serving senior Parliamentarian

Labour MP Chris Bryant has accused five unnamed MPs of sexual assault, including a serving member who “pushed me against a wall and felt my crotch”.

The Labour MP for Rhondda detailed the accusations his new book, Code of Conduct, Why We Need to Fix Parliament – and How to Do it. 

Bryant, who chairs the Commons standards committee, wrote in the book: “Over the years five male MPs have felt my bottom uninvited. One of them, who was not out, did so repeatedly. 

“Another, who is still in the House and still does not accept that he is gay, pushed me against a wall and felt my crotch.”

“Another rubbed himself behind me in the queue to vote and was later snogging two men in the Strangers’ Bar. I know other gay MPs and staff who have faced the same.”

The 61-year-old has called for an overhaul of the system for investigating MPs suspected of misconduct. 

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It isn’t the first time Byrant has spoken out about experiencing sexual assault parliament, as in 2022 he told LBC: “I was regularly touched up by older, senior, gay – they weren’t out – MPs. 

“I never felt I was able to report it because you end up being part of the story, and that’s the last thing you want. And I think a lot of women have been through that.”

Wesminster has faced persistent reports of sexual misconduct and assault.

In July, former Tory MP Chris Pincher was found by the Standards Committee to be responsible for “an egregious case of sexual misconduct” following allegations that he groped two men without consent. He is appealing an eight-week suspension.

Boris Johnson’s support of Pincher triggered his eventual downfall.

That same month, Scottish National Party MP Mhairi Black announced she will step down at the next general election as she’s “tired [of Westminster’s] toxic environment”. 

Black called Westminster a “poisonous place” adding: “Whether that’s because of what folk can get away with in it, or the number of personal motivations – and folk having ulterior motives for things – it’s just not a nice place to be in.” 

Under new plans revealed in June, MPs and peers accused of violent or sexual offences could be banned from entering parliament, even if police have not charged them with an offence.

The Independent Complaints and Grievance Scheme aims to tackle and investigate misconduct in Parliament and was set up in wake of the ‘Pestminster’ scandal, however, the system has faced security for failing to act on complaints in a timely manner. 

The ‘Pestminster’ scandal refers to a series of sexual assault, bullying and harassment allegations being made about high-profile figures in parliament that arose in October and November 2017. 

PinkNews has contacted the Labour Party.