Ariana Grande teases fans tired of her promoting r.e.m. beauty

Ariana Grande teases fans.

Ariana Grande has been having fun with her fans this week as she celebrates the 10-year anniversary of her debut album Yours Truly.

During a TikTok Q&A session on Monday (28 August) to mark the occasion, Ariana addressed impatient fans who want her to cool off promoting her r.e.m. beauty brand and get back to making music.

The ‘Break Free’ singer founded r.e.m. beauty in 2021, one year after the release of her most recent album Positions.

Since then, Ariana has put most of her energy into her make-up collection – and, of course, the Wicked movie – leaving fans hungry for new music for the past two years.

When asked during the Q&A session if she planned on releasing any Yours Truly inspired make-up products, the singer playfully responded: “Why would I not?”

“I know you’re very annoyed with me and my make-up, my little make-up, but it’s coming, There’s more, mhmm. Gotcha!

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Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande knows you want more music and less make-up. (Karwai Tang/WireImage)

“There’s more and it’s really cute. It’s very Yours Truly inspired and pink and girly and sweet. It’s very pretty.”

Fans were quick to admit they’d been tough on Ari over all the time she’d dedicated to r.e.m. beauty over the last few years.

One commented: “‘I know you’re very annoyed with my make-up’ THIS HAS ME DYING HELP UR SO CUTE ARI.”

And another gushed: “I love how she acknowledges what her fans say on the internet. Just goes to show that she really does pay attention and listen to us.”

So, for all the ardent Ari fans, don’t hold your breath for new music any time soon – there’s plenty of make-up to come first.

Elsewhere in the Q&A, Ari shared some insider details from her debut album.

For one thing, she revealed that it almost had an entirely different title inspired by another song on the album.

“I really liked ‘Honeymoon Avenue’ as the title, and then I really liked ‘Daydreamin’’,” she said.

“I just wanted it to be sort of like a love letter, an introduction to the world. And how you sign a love letter type thing is ‘yours truly.’ It just felt like, ‘Here I am.'”

Meanwhile, a fan-favourite from the album, ‘Tattooed Heart’ was written entirely by a 17-year-old Ariana in her bedroom, she claimed.

She told fans: “I wrote ‘Tattooed Heart’ in my room alone when, I think, I was 17.

“That’s, like, the only song on that album that I wrote by myself. I do love it so much and it feels like a really important one. So I am very proud of it.”