Starfield voice actor shuts down homophobic gamer-bro with ‘bisexual’ comment

Starfield Gameplay

It’s only been a few days since Bethesda gave gamers early access to the highly anticipated space exploration game Starfield and already right-wing fans are furious.

The RPG (role-playing game) has earned decent reviews since its pre-release on Friday (1 September).

But you can never please everyone. And it would seem the ‘anti-woke’ gaming community has already found a few minor details to complain about.

Firstly, there was the backlash that ensued when players noticed that they were allowed to select their character’s pronouns. The horror!

Xbox E3 Starfield
‘Anti-woke’ gamer bros have been shut down once again. (Bethesda)

Now, another gamer bro is having a meltdown after his male-identifying character was given the option to flirt with a male NPC character in the game.

The horrified player, who goes by The Gaming Christian, tweeted: “Gross. You can flirt with Sam Coe in Starfield

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“This is fine if you’re a woman, but I always play as myself in a game. This goes against the story as Sam is a straight guy, just like yours truly. So why is the option there for males?”

Other players were quick to point out that – and this shouldn’t come as a shock – you don’t have to flirt with a man if you don’t want to, much like in real life. 

“If you don’t like it then don’t play the game,” one person suggested.

A second reasoned: “Because some people are gay? Lmao just don’t choose that storyline. No one is forcing you to.”

And a third patiently explained: “As a heterosexual, you also have the option to flirt with the guys out there dude. You just decided not to take it because it wouldn’t work [for] you.”

The Gaming Christian had a rebuttal – or an attempt at one – for just about every person who tried to explain the game to him. That was until actor Elias Toufexis, who voices the character of Sam Coe, joined in on the conversation and it was nothing short of iconic.

“Actually, I played Sam as bisexual,” he clarified.

And with that, the discourse came to a swift and satisfying end.

Still, many extremist gamers are demanding refunds after Starfield gave them the option to select their character’s pronouns.

One streamer known online as Heel vs Babyface, threw a tantrum in which he claimed he was being “dragged out” of his immersive experience because he had to pick his pronouns once.

“Do you want to get immersed in our world? Yeah well, guess what, f**king pronouns,” he screamed. “F**king gender ambiguity. F**king current-day California shit, because that’s all we f**king know.”

Thankfully, for every man-child who gets upset over a video game that gives its players simple choices, there are ten more people like Elias Toufexis to shut them down.

Reacting to Heel vs Babyface’s hissy fit, one user commented: “That freak raging to bald blokes everywhere, what an absolutely tragic man.”

And another joked: “We’ve gone from people freaking out about a 7/10 review score to grown men crying about pronouns in Starfield. Totally normal and quiet times on the internet.”

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