Love Island’s Mitchel Taylor responds to homophobia allegations

Mitchel Taylor of Love Island

Love Island alum Mitchel Taylor has responded to allegations that he and another Islander displayed homophobic behaviour at a press event last week.

The reality star, who appeared in the most recent season of the series of Love Island, took to TikTok on Wednesday (25 September) to address the list of claims made by other event attendees.

Influencers who attended the Space NK event alleged that two Love Island stars showed up to the party uninvited, threw money at a homeless person, loudly claimed to be “the most famous people” at the event, and acted “extremely homophobic” before they were supposedly kicked out by event organisers.

Neither Islander was named publicly, but fans figured that Mitchel Taylor and his castmate Zachariah Noble were involved. Taylor has since confirmed that he and Noble were the Love Island cast members that event attendees were referring to, but insisted that all wasn’t as it seemed.


I hope this explains everything and I’m sorry for anyone that has been upset by some of what has been said

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In a video posted to TikTok, Mitchel started by insisting that Noble “had nothing to do with” the incident.

“He has just been dragged straight into them, they are solely about me,” Taylor said.

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He went on to address each allegation individually.

“The first accusation is the words “we are the most famous people in here” and that is actually true, I said that to Zach as a bit of banter but it has been taken the wrong way by other people and I admit it wasn’t really that funny, I was just trying to have a bit of a laugh and a joke,” he began.

“Going on to the next accusation would be me throwing money at a homeless person, that is completely false, I didn’t throw money.”

Taylor said that his kind gesture was “twisted into an evil act” in the claims made against him. 

Mitchel Taylor of Love Island
Mitchel Taylor addressed the allegations. (TikTok/@messymitch0)

He went on to apologise for coming across as unprofessional, explaining that a life in the spotlight was still new to him. 

“Whoever saw me at that event I do want to apologise to as well, I just don’t know how to handle myself in these situations, it’s all new to me but I am really trying to adjust to this lifestyle,” he said.

The influencer then addressed the biggest accusation against him – the homophobia claim.

Taylor said: “I spoke to an influencer at the event and my words were, ‘I fancied you when you were straight’.

“I can see how that can come across as homophobic, I’m really bad with my words sometimes, I was just nervous to meet this person because I am a fan.

“I do apologise, it’s just when I’m in scenarios like that I can’t really get my words out correctly and I was just trying to be as respectful to that person as I could and I kind of got it completely wrong.”

Taylor concluded by letting viewers know he has had to “take some time away” from social media due to the “amount of hate, death threats and horrible comments” he had received.

“ I just want you to know I’m not homophobic, I never have been, I’m just bad with my words sometimes and I hoped you can understand,” he finished.

Taylor’s apology video comes amid reports that he has been dropped by his management this week.

The MailOnline was told by a source that Taylor’s management “have parted ways with him. He’s only been out of the villa two months and they can’t put up with it.”

Taylor has also postponed an upcoming public appearance at Bournemouth’s Halo nightclub, according to his Instagram Story.