Young Royals’ final season gets chemistry-filled first look: ‘The kings are coming back’

Omar Rudberg as Simon in a first look teaser for Young Royals season 3

Young Royals fans have been given their first glimpse of the hit Netflix queer drama’s third and final season – and fans can barely contain their excitement.

The Swedish-language series has kept its global fandom on their toes since it premiered back in 2021, featuring break-ups, make-ups, and the potential downfall of the Crown Prince of Sweden.

But now, one of the sweetest queer teen romances in recent TV history could finally get a resolution, as Netflix begins to tease the third – and very last – season.

Young Royals follows Swedish actor Edvin Ryding as Prince Wilhelm, the heir to the Swedish throne, as he joins an elite boarding school. While there, he falls for fellow student and and choir singer Simon Eriksson, played by actor and singer Omar Rudberg.

While the pair fell head over heels for one another in season one, season two was a little rockier, with Simon embarking on a relationship with another student, Marcus (Tommy Wättring).

At the end of season two though, Simon and Wilhelm had an emotional reunion, with Simon dumping Marcus, and professing his love for Wilhelm. Then, in a move that is bound to have repercussions for the protagonists in season three, Wilhelm rebelled against his family, and told the people of Sweden that he is in a queer relationship.

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Now, Netflix has unveiled the very first look at how season three will play out.

In the 80 second clip, Simon and Wilhelm stare intently into each other’s eyes while standing in one of the rooms in the Swedish palace.

“I can’t believe that you are here,” says Wilhelm incredulously. “I just wish it wasn’t for this reason. This isn’t how I dreamed for it to be.”

“What was your dream?” questions Simon.

“I can… show you,” responds a very, very flirty Wilhelm. 

While the clip sheds little light on how the plot of season three will unfold, their chemistry is palpable. It’s hard to see how the show will end any other way than with the loved-up pair together, though there will inevitably be some bumps in the road.

Regardless of what the teaser means for the season, Young Royals fans are just ecstatic to know the show is coming back soon.

“I’m so happy I can’t stop crying. Loves of my life, I can’t wait to see you again,” wrote one overwhelmed fan on social media.

“Am I already sobbing due to only just six seconds of the softest, more in love and finally together #WilMon? Yes, I am. They’re gonna melt my heart when S3 comes out,” a second shared.

“I’m not usually a big fangirl of shows but this ten second clip has me screaming, kicking my legs in the air,” a third admitted.

Young Royals season three doesn’t have an exact air date yet, but Netflix has confirmed that it will air in 2024.