Drag Race UK’s Danny Beard hilariously questions why Lorraine is ‘off again’ for half-term

Lorraine Kelly (L) called out by Danny Beard (R) for being absent from Lorraine in hilarious clip.

Drag Race UK icon Danny Beard has been hailed “national treasure” after hilariously calling out TV presenter Lorraine Kelly for taking time off from hosting her own flagship ITV daytime show, Lorraine, during the half-term break.

Drag Race UK season four winner Danny, 31, appeared on Lorraine on Tuesday (24 October) morning where he was met with someone who was decidedly not the titular host, but rather, Christine Lampard.

It’s not the first time the audience have noted Lorraine Kelly‘s absence in recent months, with many wondering just how much annual leave the beloved chat show host and LGBTQ+ ally truly has.

While talking with guest presenter Lampard, 44, Danny decided to become the voice of the people and address the elephant in the room. Just where is Lorraine?

In a clip which has since gone viral online, the drag star tells Lampard: “I can’t swear on This Morning, wait, what show is this?,” to which Lampard replies: “Lorraine“.

Danny was quick to swoop in, exclaiming: “‘She’s off, she’s off again!”

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He added: “I mean, her kids aren’t in school no more!” – a reference to the fact that although it is half term for kids across England, Lorraine’s own daughter is 29.

“It’s confusing,” Lampard admitted amid a burst of laughter, before Danny jokes he won’t be allowed back on the show.

The chaotic interaction left viewers delighted and full of praise for the Drag Race winner’s no nonsense approach to the million-dollar mystery.

“Obsessed with Danny Beard asking why Lorraine doesn’t host her show during the half term when her kids aren’t at school LIVE ON LORRAINE,” one person wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter.

“Danny Beard torturing poor Christine Lampard with the very pressing question ‘why does Lorraine Kelly get the school holidays off when her only daughter is in her 20s?’ has made my day,” another echoed.

Lorraine airs weekdays at 9am on ITV in the UK.