Big Brother trans fave Hallie to face punishment after rule break

Big Brother castmates Olivia and Hallie

Big Brother fan-favourite Hallie got in trouble last night (20 October) after she was caught breaking house rules with castmate Olivia.

The twosome were caught on camera secretly communicating with one another during this week’s eviction nominations.

When the pair were called out for the rule break, they faced serious repercussions – not just from Big Brother, but from their castmates too.

In the scandalous scene from Wednesday night, Hallie, the youngest member of the Big Brother House, could be seen discussing who she had chosen to nominate for eviction with Olivia.

Big Brother: Hallie traces letters on Olivia's back.
Big Brother caught Hallie and Olivia’s rule break. (ITV)

To keep their nominations under wraps, Hallie traced the letters on Olivia’s back.

“N? O?” Olivia started, trying to make out Hallie’s tracing.

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“Okay, stop spelling now!” Hallie warned.

“Yep, yep. Get you,” Olivia confirmed as Hallie finished tracing out the name.

But nothing gets past Big Brother, and the following day, the housemates were alerted to Olivia and Hallie’s secret conversation.

After calling all of the housemates to the sofa, Big Brother announced: “Hallie you wrote on Olivia’s back. Olivia, you relayed this out loud and said ‘is a gameplayer’. Later on Hallie, you wrote another message on Olivia’s back, as you did so, Olivia you said the letters out loud ‘N’ and ‘O’.”

Olivia and Hallie were mortified that they had been caught out and insisted that they had no idea they were breaking rules.

Big Brother: Hallie and Olivia were punished for their rule break.
Hallie and Olivia were put in a makeshift jail because of their rule break. (ITV)

Hallie was eager to clear up any confusion or hurt with her fellow housemates, insisting that she had not actually been speaking about Noky.

“Do you want me to say what was written? I said Zak was a gameplayer and I said I think Matty nominated me. It was nothing about Noky,” she claimed.

The pair apologised to their housemates, but the two were punished by Big Brother for the rule break and put in a makeshift jail cell in the garden in the rain.

While they were locked up in orange jumpsuits, the other housemates discussed Olivia and Hallie’s rulebreak.

Zak, in particular, was furious with the two jailbirds.

“If they didn’t get caught, I wouldn’t have heard about that,” he raged.

Throughout their jail sentence, Olivia and Hallie insisted that they hadn’t meant anything malicious by sending secret messages.

Eventually, when they were set free from their cells, they strutted right into the Diary Room to complain to Big Brother, only to be shut down and reminded of the house rules.

On Wednesday night, Big Brother: Late & Live host host AJ Odudu shared that the rule break would not affect this week’s eviction nominations.

It has already been revealed to viewers at home that Zak and Henry got the most votes this week, and will now face the public vote.

The results of that vote will be announced on Friday’s live show, airing tonight at 9pm on ITV2.

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