Big Brother legend Nadia Almada ‘worries’ about evicted trans housemate Hallie

Nadia wins big brother in 2004 (left), and hallie is evicted from big brother in 2023 (right).

Big Brother legend Nadia Almada has shared some words of wisdom for trans housemate Hallie, who became the third person evicted from the house on Friday (27 October).

Despite not making it all the way to the end of the ITV reality series, 18-year-old youth worker Hallie made a huge impression on her fellow housemates – and the nation – when she bravely came out as a trans woman on her second day in the house.

In a moving moment of solidarity, the rest of the house supported her before sharing their own pronouns with each other.

Yet in the days before she was ultimately evicted from the house, Hallie had rubbed some housemates up the wrong way with her mischievous antics.

She’d pulled tricks and tomfoolery by taking and hiding some of the housemate’s possessions, and had also broken the Big Brother rules twice, by writing messages in code with fellow contestant Olivia, and then by speaking about nominations.

Big Brother Hallie and Olivia
Big Brother housemates Olivia and Hallie. (ITV/Big Brother)

As a result, she was nominated for eviction by five housemates, and was given the boot by the public on Friday.

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Now, Big Brother star Nadia Almada, who became the first and only trans woman to win Big Brother UK in 2004, has shared some words of advice for Hallie.

Speaking ahead of Hallie’s eviction, Nadia admitted that she does “worry” for the young TV star.

“I worry for her, in the sense [that] even though she claims to be quite mature herself… I think she’s very emotionally immature as it stands,” explained Nadia, who was 27 when she won the show.

“As a viewer, I’m noticing that she’s just an 18-year-old. I stood back and I thought to myself, where was I at age of 18? I made some really big adult decisions. I moved to a different country, I learned a new language, I adapted into a new culture. Big adult decisions,” Nadia shared.

A graphic comprised of two pictures of Big Brother UK's first and only trans winner Nadia Almada with a neon rainbow background
Big Brother’s Nadia Almada. (Getty/Channel 4)

“However, it doesn’t mean I didn’t make mistakes. I did [make] a lot of mistakes when I made all of those decisions. So I hope she has a little bit more control and she communicates in a different, more adult language.”

In addition to riling up her fellow housemates with her practical jokes, Hallie also became known for the occasional tantrum directed at the cameras. As part of her ‘best moments’ montage on Big Brother: Late & Live, Hallie was shown clips of the endless times that she swore and flipped the bird at her housemates.

“That’s my only advice for her, to be a little bit wiser,” Nadia continued. “Then again, she’s only 18. We need to give her [some] slack. I just hope she has all the right people around her. Her mum is very supportive and everything; I just hope she has the right people to guide her through it.”

However, Nadia also revealed that had Hallie not been evicted, she would have been more than happy to “pass on [her] crown for a new queen in town [to] take over”.

On last night’s show (29 October), Hallie’s friend and fellow rulebreaker Olivia shared her concern that Hallie might have been evicted by the British public because she is trans, considering the UK’s tolerance of trans people has declined in recent years.

Big Brother continues on ITV2 and ITVX every Sunday to Friday.