Jacob Elordi explains bacon-fuelled preparation for role in Priscilla 

Jacob Elordi in a black jewelled suit at the 2022 Met Gala

Euphoria actor Jacob Elordi has revealed that he ate a “pound of bacon a day”, as well as starting a strict workout regime as part of his preparation for Priscilla

Elordi, set to be seen as Elvis Presley in Sophia Coppola’s biopic that explores the relationship between The King and wife Priscilla, told Entertainment Weekly: “I averaged like a pound of bacon a day,” after the director explained that Elvis had loved really burned rashers. 

“It’s not that noticeable because I’m quite long… but I was the biggest I’ve ever been.”

The Aussie star added that he had seen Elvis’ home movies and photographs, which helped him to prepare for the role.

“Probably the most helpful part was ignoring the mythology and trying to find out where the real person lies in that,” he said.

“We had the freedom of going to a place where he wasn’t so-well-documented, behind closed doors, so I could play with it a little bit and try to make it a bit more grounded, attempt to make it sound more human.”

Elordi also stars in upcoming queer thriller Saltburn, which follows his character Felix Catton as he invites fellow Oxford University student Oliver Quick, played by BAFTA-winning Barry Keoghan, to spend a summer on his family’s sprawling estate in north east England.

Speaking to PinkNews at the premiere of Saltburn in London, director Emerald Fennell confirmed that queerness is at the film’s centre.

“This is a film entirely about desire, and that desire takes every conceivable manifestation, and it’s so important. Of course, [queerness is] part of the very fabric of the film,” she said.

Priscilla is due for release on 5 January.

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