Doja Cat’s most memorable moments of 2023

From bold looks to cosmetic surgery to a demonic rebirth, Doja Cat has had a more memorable 2023 than most of us.

It’s certainly been an unforgettable year for the “Paint The Town Red” singer, who started off the year sharing a number of bold looks with fans.

However, she quickly sparked allegations she had joined the illuminati as her new “Scarlet” album era began – and didn’t help dispel these rumours when she posted clips to social media dancing whilst singing “illuminati, illuminati, illuminati.”

Then, she shocked fans after unveiling that she had undergone plastic surgery despite previously stating that she had “laid plans for surgery to rest.” In March, she tweeted confirming that she’d got “lipo” so her “thighs hurt a lot if I move too much, but I’m healing really fast.” She also tweeted that she’d got her “t*ts* done.

Many fans were elated at the news, though, with one writing: “Ohhhh she coming back snatched & with new boobs.”

In April, Doja began her demonic era by soft-launching a series of new tattoos on Instagram – which included a bat skeleton and a “Satanic” monster. She then posted to say “Satan says thanks for all the buzz”, taking notes from fans in her stride.

In May, she appeared on the red carpet at the Met Gala for the first time, dressing up as the controversial late German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld’s cat. She also exclusively responded to interviews with meows, truly putting the “cat” in Doja Cat.

It wasn’t all smooth sailing, however, as she lost over 300K followers on Instagram after she snubbed her fans by stating that she didn’t love them because “I don’t even know y’all.”

In November, Doja trolled her fans once more after she posted a series of puzzling videos to Instagram in which she joked about being a clone, contradicting herself by telling fans “it’s me” before retracting that statement.

Laughing that the videos weren’t actually of her, she said that “it’s literally a, uh, an imposter. It was someone else.”

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