Kim Cattrall’s ‘Glamorous’ among list of shows axed by Netflix


Kim Cattrall’s workplace dramedy Glamorous is among a list of five shows that have officially been axed by Netflix.

The streaming service has decided to say goodbye to a number of new series following the historic SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes in Hollywood that put scripted entertainment on pause as artists fought for a fair deal from studios.

Now that both strikes have come to an end, Netflix is just one of many studios that have had to start rejigging production and release schedules and evaluating which projects are worth holding onto.

Kim Cattrall as Kim Cattrall as make-up mogul and beauty brand CEO Madolyn Addison in Netflix's Glamorous.
Glamorous starring Kim Cattrall has been cancelled by Netflix. (Netflix/Amanda Matlovich)

According to Variety, the five shows that Netflix has opted to leave on the cutting room floor are Glamorous, Farzaar, Captain Fall, Agent Elvis, and Shadow and Bone.

While the first four ran for just one season before they were cancelled, Shadow and Bone had just dropped its second season this March and had built a cult following of fans who regularly flooded Netflix’s socials with demands for renewal.

Glamorous didn’t get as much screen time, having only dropped on Netflix this June.

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The trendy queer series followed aspiring influencer and gender non-conforming queer person Marco, played by trans Youtube star Miss Benny, who lands a job as an assistant for his idol, make-up mogul and beauty brand CEO Madolyn Addison, played by Cattrall.

The unlikely pairing gives Marco the chance to figure out his life and queer identity, and Madolyn the chance to put a fresh spin on her struggling makeup empire.

Glamorous was a fun and flashy rollercoaster of emotions that brought some much-needed queer representation to Netflix.

As well as Miss Benny, other LGBTQ+ cast members included non-binary actor Damian Terriquez as drag performer Dizmal and also features cameos from Drag Race legends Monet X Change and Priyanka.

Michael Hsu Rosen as Ben (L), Miss Benny as Marco, Jade Payton as Venetia, Ayesha Harris as Britt (R) in Glamorous.
Glamorous was a frontrunner for LGBTQ+ representation on TV. (Amanda Matlovich/Netflix © 2023

In an interview with Variety, shortly after the series dropped, Miss Benny praised the show’s diversity, noting that it was a rare sight on the small screen.

“Having a melting pot of the LGBTQ+ community is so rare on TV,” they told the publication. “Because usually we have one character to represent everybody, right? I don’t know about you, but I live in such a homo-normative world.

“Anytime I see something where it’s just one gay character with a bunch of straight people, I’m like, ‘I’ve never seen that in real life ever.’ If I throw a rock around me, I’ll hit 10 gay people.”

Fans are already devastated to learn that the series has been cancelled and flooding X (aka Twitter) with mournful messages.

Meanwhile, shows that Netflix has already ordered renewals for include One Piece, Ginny & Georgia, Outer Banks, XO, Kitty, Heartstopper, and Castlevania: Nocturne.