Drag Race’s Bob The Drag Queen and Plane Jane are fighting: ‘Girl, shut up’

Plane Jane and Bob The Drag Queen are scrapping over Plane's talent show performance.

RuPaul’s Drag Race winner Bob The Drag Queen and season 16 troublemaker Plane Jane are embroiled in a social media spat.

The scrap was sparked by a conversation between season eight winner Bob and fellow Drag Race champ Monét X Change on the podcast Sibling Rivalry, with the former suggesting that season 16 star Jane’s talent show performance was insincere.

Jane won the talent show in the season’s second episode, with a comical performance of her song “Burger Finger.”

The song, during which she squirted ketchup and mustard on her breast plate, is about her fingers smelling of burgers.

Many in the Drag Race fandom have compared the performance to that of All Stars 8 winner Jimbo, who squirted cream on her breastplate during her season’s variety show.

“Plane Jane’s ‘Burger Finger’ was trying harder to be stupid than she actually is,” Bob said. “I don’t like [the] direction Drag Race is going. It feels like at one point in time someone said: ‘You’re just so stupid and we love that you’re such a dummy’, and now a lot of girls… it feels like they’re forcing themselves to be stupid.”

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Other Drag Race alumni, including Heidi N Closet, Willam and Jiggly Caliente, agreed with Bob.

During her three episodes of the current season, Plane Jane has shown that she’s not afraid to rile her fellow competitors, and the performer decided not to take Bob’s criticism lying down.

“Mmm, no. I get that people can’t compute me being both sexy af and a clown who performed this number well before Drag Race, but this take is tiiiiired,” she wrote on Instagram.

Drag Race star Plane Jane responds to Bob The Drag Queen's thoughts on her "Burger Finger" performance.
Drag Race star Plane Jane responds to Bob The Drag Queen’s thoughts on her “Burger Finger” performance. (Instagram/the_planejane)

“Everything I did on the show was authentic to who I am as a drag performer – if it wasn’t, I wouldn’t have been able to sell it so fiercely. But go off!”

Then, on X/Twitter, Plane continued by indirectly branding Bob’s take “rude”.

“Frankly, it’s rude for alum Ru-girls to claim ‘Burger Finger’ has less artistic merit than other (sh*ttier) talents… especially girls who never even had to prepare talent numbers on their original seasons. Let’s see you do better, grandma,” she wrote.

Bob, who is currently on tour with Madonna, simply responded: “Girl, shut up. Lol.”

Drag Race fans joined in the row, warning Plane Jane to be careful about who she picks a fight with. One fan wrote on social media: “The drag villains never make it far in their careers, babe. Let’s be smart about this.”

Another said: “Girl, watch your mouth when you talking to Bob. This ain’t Amanda Tori Meating! Play with somebody safe.”

RuPaul’s Drag Race season 16 continues on MTV on Fridays in the US, and WOW Presents Plus in the UK the following morning.

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