Gay icons Barbie and Kylie Minogue join forces as the pop star is honoured with a Padam Padam doll

Hi Barbie! Pop superstar and gay icon Kylie Minogue is one of eight legendary women who have had Barbie dolls made in their likeness to mark International Women’s Day and celebrate the brand’s 65th birthday.

Minogue has been chosen as Australia’s Barbie role model by the toy’s maker Mattel, with the aim of the collection being to “recognize women worldwide who embody the brand’s mission to inspire stories to shape the future”.

In a press release on the Mattel website, the brand stated throughout Minogue’s “glittering career” she has “kept (herself) firmly rooted in the present whilst defining and celebrating much of our collective past”.

The doll – which is unfortunately a one-of-a-kind release and cannot be purchased – is wearing Minogue’s now-iconic red look from her 2023 banger Padam Padam, including her thigh-high boots and billowing cape.

The other women included in the line-up are British acting legend Helen Mirren, Canadian singer Shania Twain, American EGOT winner Viola Davis, Japanese model Nicole Fujita, German comedian and political activist Enissa Amani, Mexican director, producer and screenwriter Lila Aviles and Maira Gomez, a content creator from the indigenous community of the Tatuyo ethnic group in Amazonas.

Minogue shared her excitement on Instagram, writing: “Baby Kylie would NOT believe this is happening right now.”

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Fans were quick to congratulate their icon, with many wishing the doll would be available to the general public.

“Omg!! Kylie, we need this doll released!! Your fans need it!!! I would love to have one,” one fan wrote.


“This is iconic and should be released! ❤,” a third wrote.

Commenting on the role model dolls, Krista Berger, senior vice president of Barbie and global head of dolls, said: “Barbie’s story has never been just about her. It’s about the countless young kids she’s inspired and the millions of stories she helped them imagine along the way.

“For the past 65 years, Barbie has used her global platform to empower girls to dream big, explore their limitless potential, and direct their own narrative to shape their future. As we celebrate this milestone anniversary, we recognize over six decades of stories Barbie has helped write and the doll that continues to give everyone the opportunity to dream – and dream big.”

The collection comes hot off the back of the phenomenal success of Greta Gerwig’s critically acclaimed Barbie film which was the highest grossing movie of 2023, making $1.446 billion at the box office.

Barbie’s 65th anniversary celebrations will also see it run collaborations will more than 40 other brands, delivering a year-long empowerment programme for girls aged 12-14 across seven countries and release an anniversary collection of products.

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