Kylie Minogue drops new single Padam Padam and absolutely no one is OK: ‘Saving pop music’

Kylie Minogue wears all red during the Padam Padam music video.

Kylie Minogue’s heartbeat-inspired new single “Padam Padam” has raised the blood pressure of gays across the internet, prompting a landslide of reactions.

The Minogue sisters are here to take over the world – and if not the world, they seem to be settling for the queer community’s collective consciousness instead.

With younger sister Dannii helming the UK’s first gay dating show I Kissed a Boy, complete with theme song/single “We Could Be The One” due to be released in support of queer charity Switchboard LGBT, Australian icon Kylie Minogue has stepped up to the plate to release her newest single “Padam Padam”.

The electro-pop banger, which also serves as the lead single for Minogue’s upcoming 16th (yes, 16th) studio album Tension, details the magnetism between two people upon hearing each other’s heartbeats.

“Padam, padam, I hear it and I know. Padam, padam, I know you wanna take me home,” sings Minogue over a heavy dance beat.

Twitter has erupted with love for the Australian songstress’s latest offering, calling it, among other terms, a “f**king banger“.

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“I don’t think anyone was expecting this from Kylie Minogue, it’s the best thing she has released in yearsssss!!!” another fan wrote.

“Good morning especially to Padam Padam by Kylie Minogue,” a third added.

The music video to “Padam Padam” has also been released, featuring Minogue and several backing dancers in various locations including a diner, motel room and what appears to be a junkyard.

Tension by Kylie Minogue is set to be released 22 September.

“I would say it’s a blend of personal reflection, club abandon and melancholic high,” Minogue said of the album.

“Making this album helped me navigate challenging times and celebrate the now. I hope it accompanies listeners on their own journeys and becomes part of their story.”

“Padam Padam” by Kylie Minogue is out now.

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