A look back at MAFS Australia’s Lucinda and her LGBTQ+ relationship history

Lucinda was paired with Tim on the show. (Married at First Sight Australia/Channel 9)

She might be paired in a heterosexual relationship on Married At First Sight Australia, but Lucinda previously told how she has had a “colourful” dating history.

Despite how the bride and her husband Tim got off to a rough start on the 2024 series, with her husband citing that he’s simply a “slow burn”, it seems that the pair are finally making strides in progressing their relationship.

The celebrant hasn’t spoken in detail about her relationship history, but she has dropped a few hints here and there about her love life including her queer past. 

Speaking on the series, she said: “I’ve had a pretty colourful relationship background. I’ve had eight relationships, I’ve been a serial monogamer, I suppose you could say. I’ve dated a woman, I’ve given polyamorous relationships a go I’ve tried it all.”

Meanwhile, on the speed dating host’s Instagram, she shared a post in 2022 of herself getting intimate with a woman. It’s not clear whether the pair dated, but they did share a kiss at Burning Man Festival, USA. 

As for her love of, well, love, Lucinda said: “I’m a modern-day cupid, and I absolutely love helping people find love. There’s a couple of speed dating babies coming up, there’s been relationships that are still going strong.”

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Elsewhere on the series, stars Michael Felix and Stephen Stewart’s relationship ended after the latter was caught flirting with a crew member, adding that he felt an “instant attraction”. 

Their marriage came to an end after Felix, 34, found out Stewart, 26, had flirted with a fellow hairdresser who was working on the reality series.

Felix had previously been matched with another groom, who pulled out of the show at the last minute. Stewart said he “instantly felt sick” knowing Felix had been previously paired with another man and described it as a “huge red flag”.

Stewart told Felix during the episode that he didn’t mean to upset him but was “really confused” because it felt “so much easier to get flirty with them than I did with you after two-and-a-half weeks”.

“Absolutely, we had a spark there. It was playful and a little bit flirty, 150 per cent. I know that’s a s**t thing to hear, which is why I feel so guilty,” Stewart said.

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