Retired teacher ‘lured on Gaydar’ to address before his killing

Retired teacher Peter Coshan was killed in Edinburgh in August 2022

Retired teacher Peter Coshan was reportedly targeted on gay messaging apps before his killing, a court has heard.

Paul Black, 64, denies murdering 75-year-old Dr Peter Coshan, who taught at the prestigious Fettes College in Edinburgh – where ex-pupils include former prime minister Tony Blair, actress Tilda Swinton and broadcaster Angus Deayton – from 1972 until his retirement in 2005, the BBC reported. 

Black also denies a number of other charges, including theft, fraud and attempting to defeat the ends of justice.

Prosecutors at the Edinburgh High Court claimed that Black contacted Coshan using Gaydar and WhatsApp, then lured him to a home in the Scottish capital, before killing him.

Black allegedly acted with another person to kill geography teacher Coshan in Leith in August 2022, before disposing of the body in Northumberland.

The court heard that in the days following Coshan’s death, Black made several cash withdrawals from the retired teacher’s bank account, and used his bank cards to make several purchases, including cleaning products.

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Black is accused of stealing a total of £18,000, which was transferred into two other accounts. His lawyers have lodged a special defence stating their client did not commit any of the alleged crimes.

The defence said the person responsible was a man called Paul McNaughton, who, last year, admitted killing Coshan.

The trial continues.