Dakota Johnson plays a ‘baby gay’ in the first trailer for lesbian film Am I OK?

The actor plays a newly out lesbian in the upcoming film. (Max)

Fans have finally been given the first trailer for the lesbian film Am I OK? featuring Dakota Johnson, who plays a “baby gay” in the movie.

The actor recently appeared in the superhero film Madame Web – which was a flop according to reviews and box office ratings – and we’re sure that both Johnson and fans alike are relieved to see the star returning to rom-coms with her upcoming film, Am I OK?

The long-awaited lesbian movie is set to appear on the streaming platform Max this summer and is co-directed by Tig Notaro and her wife Stephanie Allynne. 

Am I OK? sees Johnson as Lucy, a 30-something-year-old who exclusively dates men, but can’t figure out why she never quite feels connected to them. 

The trailer sees the character finally undertaking the queer initiation rite of an online “Am I a lesbian?” quiz (we’ve all been there), before confiding in her best friend Jane (Sonoya Mizuno) as Lucy finally accepts her identity as a “baby gay”.

“You did want a Volvo in high school,” Jane quips in the trailer after Lucy comes out. 

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“Volvo’s are the safest car!”, Lucy responds. 

Elsewhere in the trailer, Lucy opens up about struggling to date in her newfound lesbian identity. “I’m nervous all the time, and I’m scared of everything,” she says before we eventually catch a glimpse of the pair appearing to dance with non-binary Grey’s Anatomy star E.R. Fightmaster

The movie is based on a true story; that which is close to screenwriter Lauren Pomerantz’s own coming-out story. “I took my whole coming out late story and I used that, and I really based [Am I OK?] on a real-life friendship with my best friend Jessica [Elbaum], who is also a producer on this movie,” Pomerantz told Entertainment Weekly

“We had sort of a big fight, and then we’re friends again, but then simultaneously, I was struggling to come out. And so I realized that was the story that I really wanted to tell.”

Am I OK? is set to hit Max on 6 June.

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