Rylan Clark and Rob Rinder admit they’ve seen each other naked

Rylan Clark and Rob Rinder at the BAFTAs

Rylan Clark and Rob Rinder have admitted they’ve seen each other naked… but have insisted there was nothing sexual going on after previously swotting away dating rumous.

During an appearance on the Table Manners podcast, the pair were asked by host Jessie Ware if they’d had ever thought about having “a snog”.

Rob was quick to say no, and Rylan followed up by saying: “No, we’re way past it, you know when you get to that point.

“Rob’s seen me naked and I’ve seen Rob naked. It’s just normal, we’re close friends, it’s not weird.”

Rylan also spoke about how the speculation around their relationship hinges on the fact both of them are gay and single.

“I mean we’re two gay guys. We’re two divorced guys, and we’re two guys [who] clearly get on well. [Rob] didn’t help when we’re in a vineyard in Florence by putting a tweet up of us looking at each other like ‘I said yes’, or whatever it was, so that started it,” he explained.

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“I’ve got family members messaging me going, ‘I’m so happy for you, you deserve happiness’, and I’m like ‘Robert, what have you done?’ Then, we went to the BAFTAs together, because the show was starting that night and we were on the carpet and, without fail, Rob will always do this to me, and look up to me in a photo. I love Rob too much to risk it, does that make sense?”

Best-known for his ITV show Judge Rinder, in recent years Rob has been a regular presenter on Good Morning Britain. He entered into a civil partnership with barrister Seth Cummings in 2013 but they split up five years later.

Rylan split from ex-husband Dan in 2021 after six years of marriage, calling it “traumatic” and revealing that he previously cheated during their relationship.

BBC series Rob and Rylan’s Grand Tour, where they headed off across Europe, following in the footsteps of British aristocrats such as bisexual poet Lord Byron, ended this week.

They used Byron’s poems and letters to guide them, stopping off in Venice, Florence and Rome, visiting ancient ruins, looking at famous paintings and even giving glass-blowing a go.

Both were recently subjected to homophobic abuse while filming the show.

“A guy shouted out something really homophobic and derogatory. A young guy,” Rylan said. “I was held back by production. Stepney Green nearly came out of me in 7ft heels.”

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