The Bridgerton season three part two trailer is here, and Eloise threatens Penelope’s identity

The Bridgerton season three part two trailer is finally here. (Netflix)

Dearest gentle reader, the Bridgerton season three part two trailer has arrived, and it sees Eloise Bridgerton threatening Penelope Featherington’s identity. 

Warning: Bridgerton season two and three spoilers ahead.

Penelope Featherington’s future now hangs in the balance. (Liam Daniel/Netflix)

The trailer for the long-awaited second half of the saucy Netflix period drama has finally landed, and it sees the ton reacting to the surprising news of Colin Bridgerton and Penelope’s engagement. 

At the end of season three part two of Bridgerton, we last see Penelope and Colin’s now-infamous carriage scene, before the third eldest Bridgerton brother asks her for her hand in marriage. 

“Last night, an announcement came with great speed,” Lady Whistledown begins in the trailer. 

“Colin Bridgerton betrothed to Penelope Featherington,” Lord Marcus Anderson reads from the Lady Whistledown gossip sheet.

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Whilst discovering the news from the same writer, Phillipa Finch and Prudence Dankworth (previously Featherington sisters) both spit out their tea in shock, while their mother Portia Featherington snatches the sheet away from them.

The ton is reacting to Penelope and Colin Bridgerton’s engagement. (Liam Daniel/Netflix)

Although she is now marrying the love of her life, with plenty more passionate love scenes bound to come, Penelope’s future, as she knows it, hangs in the balance. 

Once her former best friend Eloise finds out the news, she threatens Penelope to tell Colin about her identity as Lady Whistledown, if Penelope fails to tell Colin herself.

“Colin, I can take care of myself,” Penelope tells her husband-to-be. 

“Then what good am I to you?”, he responds.

Watch the trailer here:

What is Bridgerton season three part two about?

The official plot synopsis reads: “With an announcement of such magnitude comes an even greater secret…Which begs this author to wonder: Should one still reveal a truth when they stand to lose everything?

“Penelope sets out to marry while hiding her secret life. But as romance and revelations collide, she must choose between her pen and her heart.”

Of course, aside from the fallout from Colin Bridgerton and Penelope Featherington’s engagement, the second part of the season is set to continue Francesca Bridgerton’s love story, who came onto the marriage mart this season as a debutant. 

Francesca Bridgerton’s own love story will be coming to a head. (Liam Daniel/Netflix)

Francesca – who was dubbed the season’s diamond – met Lord Samadani, whom Queen Charlotte wanted her “sparkler” to marry. However, the pianist’s shy demeanour and love for music better match the more reserved Lord John Stirling, who also showed his interest in Francesca. 

We are also expected to see Violet Bridgerton’s love story finally coming to a head, as part one hinted at the matriarch finally moving on from her beloved husband’s death

The first half of Bridgerton season three is streaming now on Netflix. Part two arrives on the streaming site on 13 June.

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