Barrymore set to marry gay lover and return to UK

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Having been placed as the runner up in the hit Channel 4 series, Celebrity Big Brother, former TV star Michael Barrymore says that he’s going to marry his gay lover.

Mr Barrymore was mired in controversy in 2001 following the death of Stuart Lubbock, who was found with sexual injuries after drowning in Mr Barrymore’s swimming pool. Following newspaper revelations, Mr Barrymore fled to New Zealand where he attempted to re-launch his career as a stage actor.

Now he claims he is planning a permanent return to the UK where he is due to re-launch his TV career and settle down with boyfriend Shaun Davies.

“But do I have to pop the question?” joked Mr Barrymore, to the Sunday Mirror.

“I had a clear conscience going into the Big Brother house,” he said. “You can’t sort everything out on a TV programme. When I’d come out of the diary room and I’d been crying, I thought, ‘Maybe this is the wrong thing to do’.

“Then I thought, ‘Well you can’t go round worrying what other people think all the time’.

“I just allowed myself to be myself. And I’ve come out the richer for it.”

He added: “I’m staying in the UK for this and I’ve got some other things I’m working on.

“I’m a resident in New Zealand at the moment, but this is my home.”

Stuart Lubbock’s father, Terry told the Sunday Mirror that he vowed to “hound” Mr Barrymore until he reveals details of his son’s death.

“I won’t rest until Barrymore tells me what he knows about my son’s death,” said Mr Lubbock.

“I’ve never said Barrymore was involved in the killing of my son but I’m convinced he can help us find out more about the circumstances leading up to Stuart’s death.

“It’s been clear from his behaviour in the Big Brother house that Barrymore can’t cope with the guilt of his silence.

“He has been breaking down far too often. He should stop feeling so sorry for himself and spare a thought for the continued suffering of my family – not knowing how my son died.”

Mr Barrymore was voted runner up in the Celebrity Big Brother poll, behind the previously unknown Chantelle Houghton.