Complaints over lesbian FCUKing ad

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

A new French Connection advertising campaign has received over 60 complaints since its launch this week. (Screenshots are included below)

Controversial designers, are looking to launch a fashion or style debate through the adverts which featuring raunchy lesbian scenes.

In the fashion label’s latest television and cinema ad campaign, two women are shown kissing and tearing each other’s clothes off in between exchanging kicks and punches.

Shot in the stylised manner of KILL BILL and CROUCHING TIGER, the film depicts a choreographed struggle for supremacy between 2 girls, one representing fashion, the other, style.

The £2m promotion, under the slogan “Fashion versus Style,” has been launched after the disappointment of slow sales last year.

It previously gained great success as well as condemnation for the suggestive FCUK logo, which stood for French Connection United Kingdom. Last year the last two letters were removed to be more subtle.

The new film is directed by singer David Bowie’s son Duncan Jones, and shows blonde and brunette models scuffling in a basement. It will be shown on television, as well as cinemas and billboards.

A spokesman for French Connection said: “The response we’ve had so far has been really fantastic.”

The Advertising Standards Authority said an investigation was ongoing.

Complaints over lesbian FCUKing ad

Complaints over lesbian FCUKing ad