Gay walks launched in Edinburgh

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A leaflet charting lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender historic walks in Edinburgh has been launched.

The pamphlets, which form part of gay history awareness project, Remember When, highlight routes of seven walks spanning 500 years through different parts of the capital.

They include stories of persecution, as well as modern stories of liberation, such as the landmark of Scotland’s first Gay Pride march. The project coincides with the second annual UK-wide LGBT history month. Co-ordinator Ellen Galford told the Press Association, “There has been an explosion of interest in LGBT history, not just in Edinburgh but nationwide.”

“Edinburgh itself – once a byword for a particularly narrow and hard-hearted puritanism – has undergone an incredible transformation into a vibrant, cosmopolitan, civilised city that LGBT people actively want to live in or to visit.”

“We hope that these history walks will literally put the lives and experiences of the capital’s LGBT citizens, past and present, on the map.”

The Lord Provost, Councillor Lesley Hinds, said the leaflets help raise awareness, challenge stereotypes, and pay tribute to the “often-hidden heritage” of lesbian and gay people. She said: “It represents a significant milestone for local lesbian and gay communities to have their contribution to Edinburgh society over many years recognised and celebrated.”