Schoolboy bullied by gay jibes website

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A young pupil was forced to move school after bullies set up a website accusing him of being gay.

The 13 year old boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was deliberately targeted for almost a year with bogus and abusive claims including false lists of likes and dislikes which labelled him as gay.

He told the Mirror, “It was horrible. All the kids at my school knew about it, I don’t know why they did it. I had never done anything to them.”

“If someone started a rumour or said something horrible on the site then within a few days they would all be saying it to my face.”

The hate filled site, which received over 500 visitors, was set up by two pupils, they uploaded images of him in school uniform along with hurtful accusations. Other students also posted messages, one called it “a cool hate website.”

His likes were listed as, “Gays, boys’ legs, gingers, people who he fancies.” The dislikes included, “Everyone who’s not gay, the peeps who made this site, anyone who’s not in the YMCA.”

He was also falsely accused of bleaching his hair with a personal brand called “Gays RU”

The youngster discovered the site when he saw pupils laughing at something on a school computer screen, “They had stolen photos of me from my website and put them on their site with really nasty comments underneath.”

“I asked them to take the website down but they just laughed at me.”

The child eventually told the head teacher at the Southampton school, who told the boy’s mum, she said: “”As she told me about it I just started shaking uncontrollably and felt physically sick.

“I found it very hard to take in what she was telling me. “I hadn’t heard of anything like this before and I really didn’t know what cyberbullying was.

“When my son came home from school I said ‘What on earth’s been going on?’ He just broke down in tears. It was shocking.

“The police came round and said they had spoken to the boys involved and forced them to remove the site.

“It’s so easy for kids to set up websites like this these days without parents or teachers knowing anything about it.

“This website made my son’s life a living hell. They made the bullies take it down but by then the damage had already been done.

“I had to take my son out of school so he could have a fresh start.

The site creators were suspended and ordered to take down the website.

Hampshire Police spokesman Ian Sainsbury said both bullies were given a warning.