Gay cruising zips up nudist beach

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British naturists claim their rights are being stripped after the Ministry of Defence (MoD) closed a nudist beach area in Cornwall because it was allegedly attracting gay sex near the military training camp.

The MoD along with the Perranzabuloe parish council and Haven Holiday Park decided to close the area claiming it had no problem with homosexuality but wanted to eliminate the “bad elements.”

The complaints regarded reports of cottaging in the area close to where children were playing and training

The commandant of the neighbouring Penhale Camp, Major Michael Pawlak, told the Press Association, “The overriding factor is the Ministry of Defence’s responsibility for the welfare of young persons in its care.

“The MoD has a duty of care for all persons at Penhale Camp, especially those on cadet and school trips.

“Naturists are not the problem, it is the perverts they attract that are the problem.

“Homosexuality is not the issue, but we have gay single men cottaging for business in dunes where there are children playing and training.”

The British Naturism group expressed their opposition to the decision, “We

are replying in no uncertain terms that such a ban has no foundation in law and that, in fact, banning naturists would not solve the problem.

“The “ban” has arisen since the MOD run a training camp at Penhale Sands, just behind the beach and young cadets have recently been approached in inappropriate ways by naked people as well as observing sexual activity – and therefore nothing to do with the genuine naturist users of the beach who merely wish to relax in the sun.

“In addition, part of the training camp in which these activities have taken place is a live ammunition firing range, with disused mine shafts, and anyone straying into these areas is putting themselves in danger.

“The beach has a long history of naturist use and so we are suggesting working with all parties to have the beach made official, with a designated area created, so that it will be easy to spot anyone naked outside that area, who may have visited the beach for the wrong reasons.”