Lesbian lover responds to verdict

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Alison Lewis, the lesbian lover of murdered mother Mandy Power, has responded with relief to the guilty verdict of David Morris, telling BBC reporters that “I want him to rot in jail for the rest of his life.”

“He will spend the rest of his life being punished for what he did,” she told the BBC, adding “there has been justice for Mandy, Katie, Emily and Doris.”

She claimed that there is still suspicion of her, but that this was “innuendo, suggestion and lies.”

During the trial the defence team for David Morris tried to cast doubt on his own guilt by alledging that Ms Lewis had been responsible for the murders.

“I think it is because I was arrested,” she said. “I went from being Mandy Power’s gay lover, to being a suspect, to being arrested and being interviewed to being put on bail for six months.”

“There is no evidence to say I had any involvement in this murder.”

Alison Lewis’s involvement was alleged despite the Police eliminating her from the investigation into the 1999 murders.

In reply she said “how can anybody think that I would be capable of doing that to Mandy, Doris and the children?”

She went on to tell the BBC “I would have given my life to protect them.”

At the time of the murders her relationship with mother of 2 Mandy Power was kept secret, with Ms Lewis telling her then husband Stephen Lewis of the affair the morning after the murder.

She said of David Morris, 44, that he ” is a violent thug.”

“I hate him with every bone in my body. I despise him for what he did that night and for what he has put everyone through.”