Pink wine for Pinknews

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Pink wine for Pinknews

Is it Autumn or is it still Summer? Who can tell. But as the sun breaks through the clouds over London, here at PinkNews we’ll be drinking to the warm weather with a glass of wine the very essence of pink. Wine taster (nice work if you can get it) Sarah Knowles shares her top picks:

Though wine buffs tend to be a bit snobby about rosé and blush, well chilled (keep the bottle in the fridge between glasses) and beautiful to look at, it’s the perfect easy drinking

option for these Indian summer days.

Take Miguel Torres, San Medin Rosé. – (Chile, Cabernet Sauvignon, £5.49 at Waitrose). It’s got a good nose of blackberry leaves and crushed blackcurrants, which continues onto the pallet. It is a crisp dry wine that would be delicious with summer salads, roast chicken or even a mild curry, and its gorgeous blush colour is bound to lift your mood.

Rosé gets it’s fabulous colour when red grapes are crushed and allowed only brief contact with the skins where the pigment is strong. The longer the skins are left with the juice, the pinker the wine – from ballet slipper amber to vibrant fuchsia.

At the pale end of the pink spectrum is Rosé d’Anjou Bougrier, (France, Gamay and Grolleau grapes £4.99 at Oddbins). Its delicate raspberry nose and fruity taste make it an ideal low alcohol pre dinner drink.

Looking for a post dinner sweeter tipple? Rose can make a perfect desert wine – Beringer, Stone Cellars, (California, Zinfendel, £5.49, Asda) is heady with honey, apricots, melons and peaches, and has a sweet but not cloying nectar taste.

Always try and buy the most recent vintage – rose wine is best drunk young – then sit back and savour the pink.