Get ready for gay Bruno

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Following the release of Sacha Baron Cohen’s Borat film, many in the gay community will be interested to know that north London’s latest comedic prodigy is planning his next blockbuster based around his gay Austrian ‘fashionista’ character Buno.

The new project however is said to be the subject of a bidding war amongst some of Hollywood’s top film studios. The Hollywood Reporter claims.

Meanwhile this week, gay campaigner Peter Tatchell gave his opinion on the film, saying the Borat character was less homophobic than previous character Ali-G.

Borat is famed for his attempts to kiss American men on the cheek, much to their fear and horror.

His characters are therefore seen more exposes of small town America; “the victims of his scurrilous send-ups are small-town middle Americans. Borat gives them the rope to hang themselves. He’s baiting them. They express real ignorance and prejudice, whereas Borat is only acting” says Peter Tatchell.

It remains to be seen how much controversy Bruno can muster.