Gay pride row fireman reinstated

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A fire-fighter who was demoted for refusing to distribute leaflets at a gay pride event has been reinstated after an appeal.

Brian Herbert was reprimanded along with eight colleagues who abstained from Pride Scotia in June where they were supposed to be distributing fire safety leaflets.

All the officers were ordered to undergo diversity training and Mr Herbert initially had his salary cut.

However, after appealing the ruling, he will now be moved from Strathclyde Fire Service to Cowcaddens instead of being demoted.

Punishments handed out to the other officers were upheld.

The men claimed it was against their “moral conscience” to attend the event.

Strathclyde Fire Brigades Union spokesman John Cairns told the Daily Record that the men should never have been disciplined, “We would hope a full consultation before any similar events would take place from now on.

“We believe the Fire Brigade as a whole was at fault here and not these individuals,” he said.

But Strathclyde Fire and Rescue Service has stood by its decision, stating, “The action taken against the watch manager and the eight crew members reflects their serious breach of discipline by refusing to perform their duties.”