Killer Huntley on hunger strike over “gay lover”

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The murderer of 10-year olds Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman has gone on hunger-strike after prison authorities denied him access to his gay lover, a convicted killer by the name of Dean Wood.

Wakefield prison authorities have so far denied four of the pair’s requests for a visit, and the 33 year old has now decided to raise the stakes.

“I have not eaten and I will not,” Mr Huntley said.

“It is the only way you take notice of me and listen to my views. I want to be able to see people in my cell, not just in the day room.

“I will keep on refusing meals until my regime changes.”

The Evening Standard claims a source in the Home Office said: “He is saying he is on hunger strike and that he is serious this time.

“He has not had any food for six days now. Whether he can last remains to be seen.”

Meanwhile, a prison insider told the Mirror of a strange pact between Huntley and his lover whereby he could acquire drugs in exchange for some of his possessions.

The insider said: “Huntley’s belongings, including a PlayStation, CD and cigars, were found in Wood’s cell so he is being investigated for supplying the drugs.”

The drugs may well be those Huntley has previously used in his three attempted suicides.

He is currently on 24-hour suicide watch with six wardens on call if he once again tries to take his own life.

A spokesperson for the Department of Justice refused to verify the claims, saying they would not comment on individual prisoners.