Hollyoaks spoiler: Is this the end for Jack?

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Jack’s in a terrible state this week. He’s struggling to cope with mounting debts and has no idea what to do. When Frankie finds out that in desperation he’s begged money from his grieving step-daughter, it’s the last straw. Frankie can’t take any more and leaves him.

A broken man, Jack stays up all night wondering what on earth he’s going to do. Is there any way he can get out of this financial crisis?

Darren later boasts about their overnight takings. But Jack’s taking no notice. Life has become too much for him.

Reaching the end of his tether, a desperate Jack leaves a heart wrenching voicemail for Frankie. Then does something quite unexpected.

Darren later finds his dad in a terrible state. It really hits home how hard he has fallen and how serious their situation is. Darren’s horrified when he realizes Jack’s taken a lot of pills. He demands to know how many his father’s swallowed, but Jack doesn’t seem to want to go on. Will Darren be able to save his father?

Elsewhere in the village, Myra’s very frank about that fact that she’s still hurt by John Paul’s relationship with Kieron.

Over at Niall’s flat, John Paul and Kieron meet face-to-face and as expected, there are fireworks. The conversation starts off quite turbulently but before long the lovers fall into each others arms. Niall is not best pleased with the way things are working out.
Things seems to be looking up for this young couple though, finally there are promises of love on both sides.

The next day, John Paul and Kieron are able to start their life as a proper couple. They decide to go for a few pints in the Dog, but it’s not going to be as much fun as they anticipate. As soon as they get there, Mercedes tells them that Myra is inside. Panicked, the two lovebirds head in and it doesn’t take long for Myra to say exactly what she’s thinking. As they listen to Myra’s tirade, Kieron stands tall and states for all to hear that he loves John Paul and that they’re staying together. How will the residents of Hollyoaks react to that news?

Newt’s not having a happy week. He’s manic and wants Eli to leave. Newt thinks that the longer Eli stays around the more chance there is of people finding out that they were the ones who targeted the village. How will Newt sort this situation out?

Results day arrives at the college this week too. The students wait anxiously to find out their fate. Who will be celebrating and who will be commiserating?

Kris is in for the biggest shock of the week though and it’s nothing to do with exams. His dad turns up in Chester. How will that go down?
Hollyoaks spoiler: Is this the end for Jack?