Woman on trial for murder of gay man

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A 22-year old Maidstone woman has been giving evidence at her trial.

Phillipa Hart stands jointly accused with Christopher Graham, 26, of the murder of David Redman, known as Camp David.

They had all been drinking together in a pub in Dover on March 10th 2007, when they went to the seafront.

There was an argument in which Graham accused 22-year-old Mr Redman of stealing from his home.

“Chris got him on the floor and was still kicking and punching him,” Hart told Maidstone Crown Court, reports the East Kent Mercury.

“I saw David lying on the floor unconscious. There was a lot of blood over his face.

“He was still breathing because he sort of snarled. Chris then just jumped on his neck.

“He literally just jumped on it with both feet together, right on his neck. When Chris got off David gurgled, like when you put a bottle in water.”

Hart said that she helped drag Mr Redman towards the sea but claimed she only did so because she feared Graham would attack her.

“I picked up his ankles and we dragged him towards the steps,” Hart told the court.

“I stopped at the top of the steps and said: ‘I can’t do anymore’ and I started walking away. I thought David was dead.”

She claims that Graham rolled Mr Redman, whose body has never been found, down the steps and into the sea.

The trial continues.

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