Emmerdale: Carl and Anna share a kiss

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Carl and Anna are still squabbling about going into business with Matthew at the start of the week and Donald is getting very tired of it all.

He decides to cook a rather nice meal for them which is just received with scorn by Anna. She accuses him of trying to play matchmaker. This starts off another argument, between daughter and father this time. After Donald leaves in a huff, Carl arrives and has a heart-to-heart with Anna, encouraging her to make peace with her dad. Anna calms down and thanks him, but Carl reads more into this and moves in for a kiss. She promptly bats off his advances, but is she being honest with herself?

Later in the week, Anna questions Carl about the kiss and hints that she wouldn’t mind
another one. One things leads to another and soon they’re smooching like there’s no tomorrow. They’re playing a dangerous game though as Lexi nearly catches them together. There will be fireworks if she finds out. What’s going to happen with this love triangle?

Things aren’t going to plan for Pollard. Nobody turns up for his interviews at the factory and he starts to have second thoughts about the fact that he’s turned on his workforce. What’s going to happen to his troubled business?

Daz is angry when he finds out that Victoria is selling homemade alcopops. She’s managed to pinch a load of vodka from Diane. Paul soon spots that the vodka’s missing. Daz covers for Victoria and Paul seems to buy the explanation. But how can Daz help this clearly troubled girl?

Elsewhere in the dales, Diane pays Terry a visit to gather information about Rodney’s
books. Terry has no luck in getting a copy though, so Diane tries another tactic. She invites Gabby around for tea and asks her to bring Rollercoaster Rod with her. But Diane should be careful what she wishes for. When she reads the book, she finds that her character is rather dull. Will she ask Rodney why?

Wondering why he’s depicted her as so boring, Diane decides to get her revenge on Rodney. She arranges a business meeting for him at the Woolpack. Dressing herself in the worst clothes that she can lay her mitts on she interrupts the meeting and introduces herself as Rodney’s ex-wife. A befuddled Rodney asks her what she thinks she’s doing. What’s Rodney’s client going to make of these shenanigans?

Brenda’s busy trying to persuade Gennie to leave the Dingles and get a proper job. The young lass embarks on a job hunt. But is her mother just being too suffocating?
Viv is not in the best of moods this week. Bob organises a family picnic and Donna’s suggestion of an egg and spoon raise soon lifts Viv’s mood. But it’s short lived. She’s soon back to worrying about her impending court appearance.

Will setting up a mock trial with the villagers in the café ease her fears? They seem to think it’s worth a try, but it may just all end in tears.
Emmerdale: Carl and Anna share a kiss