Hollyoaks: Frankie’s forced to keep up the pretence of Jack’s death

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Frankie’s grief turns to absolute shock when she realises that hubby Jack is alive and kicking. She can barely face him or Darren as it starts to dawn on her what they’ve done.

Jack decides it’s best to leave. Frankie, though it’s difficult for her, manages to tell him that she never wants to see him again.

Later in the week, Frankie demands to know the whole truth about Jack’s staged death. Darren is terrified that she still wants to have the body they buried exhumed. Furious with Darren, Frankie wants to know who exactly they did bury. He’s forced to admit that it was actually Kris’s dad. Poor Frankie despairs when she hears this news.

Feeling like she’s caught up in this huge fraud, Frankie decides that Kris deserves to know the truth. But as Darren continues with his plans, Frankie feels obliged to go along with him. She lies convincingly to Kris and Malachy. But inside, she’s absolutely devastated to be involved in Darren and Jack’s web of lies.

Newt’s having a terrible time in hospital. His behaviour becomes more erratic, leaving Lauren unable to know how to deal with him. She flees his room in tears. But Newt finds solace in drawing pictures rather than speaking words and soon manages to sketch Eli’s face.

Elsewhere in Hollyoaks, Michaela feels like she’s been unlucky in love yet again.
Josh feels terrible that he knocked back her advances and heads off to find her to apologise. But with the Dirty Diegos’ gig just 24 hours away, his absence causes pressure for Rhys, especially due to the fact that Gilly isn’t up to scratch for the performance either.

Rhys is terrified that the gig is going to be a disaster. Gilly tries to assure him that it’s all under control.

Gilly then demands Neville’s rent from Ste and Justin. But the lads have no money to hand over. To save face with Rhys, Gilly tells him that he gave them an ultimatum. How on earth will Ste come up with the cash he owes?

An answer to Ste’s problems soon arises when he finds himself with some stolen jewelery. Selling it will end all of his money woes he boasts to Justin. But Justin’s not so keen on the plan. Ste persuades him it’s the best thing to do and they head over to the SU bar just as Leila is being led out by two plain clothes policeman. Oh dear, what have they got her into?

Carmel is still a very unhappy lady. She makes it quite clear to Calvin that she’s really upset over the lies he told to hide the fact that he’s been buying drugs for his sister. A guilty Sasha tries to make amends with everyone.

That’s not the only problem Calvin has though. He soon receives a threatening text from Warren. What will Warren do with the video of Calvin buying drugs from Nige?
Calvin feels terrible about the whole thing and decides to end Warren’s threats. But Warren is angry that Calvin is not playing along with his demands and tells him that he’ll spill the beans unless he does exactly what he says.

Later, Warren decides to go further with his evil plans and summons Calvin over to the Loft. A reluctant Calvin turns up there to find Warren and Nige embroiled in a violent argument. What is going on?

Zak struggles this week with his unrequited feelings for Zoë. But she’s more interested in the fact that she’s landed a contract to produce the student TV channel.

Jacqui persuades Tony to cater for Carmel and Calvin’s wedding as a gift for them. But does he know what he’s letting himself in for?
Hollyoaks: Frankie’s forced to keep up the pretence of Jack’s death