EastEnders: Ian stirs up trouble after his accident

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This week, pernickety Ian Beale proves he can still cause trouble even when he is confined to bed. After falling on some margarine that Bianca had deliberately smeared across the café floor as part of a half-baked plan to sue Ian for fake injury damages, Walford’s answer to Sir Alan Sugar is bedridden with leg and back injuries.

However, thanks to the digital camera he finds in Lucy’s room he discovers a new pastime: spying on the inhabitants of Albert Square.

It isn’t long before nosey Ian has started monitoring every movement of Albert Square’s residents. However, his antics start to verge on the perverted after he spots a pretty, rather busty, girl across the market and takes some pictures, much to Jane’s disgust. Yuck!

Ian’s new found hobby soon gets him into real hot water. A photo he has taken shows Max and Phil down a dark alleyway with what looks like a gun. He’s gobsmacked and tells Lucy, who immediately tells best mate Lauren. It’s not long before Lauren blurts it out to dad Max. Max and Phil soon concoct a fiendish plan to get back at Ian.

What do they have in-store for him? Will Walford’s busybody finally get his comeuppance?

Meanwhile, it’s clear that Jane is up to something, but what? She keeps disappearing for mysterious meetings – but is it with a friend or a lover? Her cover is nearly blown when she tells Ian she’s off to Callum’s ‘Fightercise’ exercise class. When Ian later bumps in to Callum in the square, he tells him that Jane never came to the class. Ian’s suspicions have been aroused, but will he discover Jane’s big secret?

Elsewhere, Ricky has finally got himself a hot date. Sadly, he still can’t shake the feelings he has for old-flame Bianca. Even his new date, Fiona, looks the spitting image of Bianca. When the couple walk into the Vic for a drink, Peggy even mistakes Fiona for Bianca. Something tells us Ricky hasn’t quite moved on yet.

When Bianca sends Ricky a text in the middle of his date telling him she has to see him, he drops Fiona like a hot potato to rush to Bianca’s side. Unfortunately, what greets him is far from a scene out of Love Story. Bianca simply wants to tell him that she’s been thinking about the old days and has finally realised that as a couple they’re definitely history. Oh dear, poor Ricky.

Meanwhile, Bradley’s insistence on becoming best friends with Callum is winding Stacey up. Is it because she secretly has feelings for Callum?

When Stacey bumps into Callum in the square she nearly spills her coffee and starts screaming at him. Bradley asks her why she’s so bothered with Callum and she tells him she isn’t. Later on, when Bradley asks her join him and Callum in the Vic, she refuses. How long can Stacey mask her true feelings?

Stacey’s trouble continues when she spots Callum kissing Danielle. She does her best to pretend she couldn’t care less, but it is clear that she does care quite a bit. Will Stacey keep control of her feelings? Or will she prove she’s a serial cheater by doing the dirty on poor Bradley for the second time?
EastEnders: Ian stirs up trouble after his accident