Labour party votes overwhelmingly for trans inclusion

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A change to the Labour party rule book that adds trans inclusion has been backed at the annual conference by more than 98% of delegates.

Labour’s general secretary Ray Collins said the trans inclusion motion had the support of the party’s National Executive Committee.

The Labour rule book is the party’s governing document and contains provisions for party governance and principles.

“This is a ringing reminder of how seriously the Labour party respects LGBT rights,” said Mr Collins.

Craig Nelson, LGBT Labour conference delegate spoke to the motion and called on the Labour membership to:

“Keep Labour at the forefront of LGBT rights following 12 years of progress achieved by this Labour government.

“The Labour government successes, whether they be abolishing Section 28, the Gender Recognition Act and civil partnerships proves that Labour has delivered for LGBT people in the country, this rule change will protect trans members in the party and beyond.”

98.43% of delegates backed the motion.

The party’s conference in Manchester ended yesterday with a speech from Harriet Harman in which she attacked the Conservatives, who have been leading Labour in the polls for the best part of a year.

“The Tories are breathtaking in their arrogance,” she said.

“They smirk in photoshoots of what they describe as the Cabinet in waiting.

“We know that because they put the photos in the Tory house magazine – none other than The Tatler.

“Conference – no party should take the voters for granted like that.”

The announcement in the early hours of Wednesday morning that Ruth Kelly is to stand down at the next reshuffle shocked the conference.

The Secretary of State said she was leaving to spend more time with her four children, all of whom were born since she was first elected in 1997.

However, it has been widely reported that she was unhappy with the direction of the government under Gordon Brown.