Emmerdale: Eli pops the question to Debbie

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Louise starts the week very badly indeed. She loses her engagement ring and does her best to avoid Jamie while she searches high and low for it. When Jamie finally catches up with her, she claims that the ring’s being cleaned. Will Jamie believe her and what will Louise do if she can’t find her sparkler?

Debbie confides in Eli that she’s not going to go for custody of Sarah. But Eli’s far more concerned about practising his marriage proposal.

Later, he heads to the garage to visit Debbie, only to find her working under a car. She asks Eli to pass her a screwdriver, grabbing what he thinks is a romantic opportunity, Eli balances an engagement ring on the tool and passes it to her. Unfortunately, the ring slips off before Debbie sees it. Eli’s gutted and Debbie is increasingly frustrated that he’s getting under her feet. Has he blown his chances?

Eli turns out to be a pretty resilient chap, not wanting to give up on Debbie, he asks Gennie for advice. She tells him that above all he has to make the proposal memorable. Will he get it right next time?

Zak is one person who hopes not, he’s furious when he hears that Eli is going to propose to Debbie. But Eli takes no notice of his uncle and arranges a romantic picnic for Debbie and finally plucks up the courage to propose. Debbie’s amused by his offer and questions his motives for asking. A bashful Eli explains that he adores her and wants to help her to fight for Sarah. Reluctantly, Debbie finally agrees, but stresses that this arrangement will simply be a business transaction and all about Sarah. Eli feels sure that given time, Debbie will warm to him and her feelings will get stronger. Is he right?

In the pub, the congratulations are flowing, that’s until Louise spots the ring on Debbie’s hand and recognises it as hers! Eli simply says that Louise couldn’t have liked it very much or she’d have taken better care of it. This makes Jamie go for Eli’s jugular, much to the horror of all present. Debbie’s not impressed she has a second-hand ring. To show her displeasure she takes it off, slams it on the bar and storms out. Oh dear, is this the end of this very brief affair already?

Not surprisingly, Eli reacts badly to his rejection and vents his frustration by pinching a car from the garage and driving it at high-speed through the dales. He soon finds himself in another spot of bother when he nearly knocks down a pedestrian. But when he stops to survey the damage he gets more than he bargained for. Has Eli nearly run down an old friend?

Val’s having a bad week too. She’s had enough of Nicola and announces that she’s packed her bags for her. David is unable to convince Val to change her mind, so Nicola soon finds herself out on the streets. Paul has no option to take her in, but what is Katie going to say when she find out that she’s now sharing a house with Nicola?

Later in the week, Nicola and David decide that it would be best if they found a home together and discover that Tenant’s cottage is within their price range. The only problem is that they need to get a deposit together. Nicola feels that her only option is to approach Donald for the money. But will he agree? And what will Anna say when she finds out?
Emmerdale: Eli pops the question to Debbie